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Top 10 IP PBX Software for 2024

PBX, the acronym for Private Branch Exchange, is a type of multiline telephone system usually used in professional settings to provide effective internal and external phone communication without the use of external lines.

The manual PBX, which dates back to the late nineteenth century, radically evolved in the 1990s after the availability of the internet as well as packet-switched networks. That led to the development of Internet Protocol (IP) PBX.

Today, IP PBX Systems are widely adopted by businesses all over the globe due to their affordability, flexibility, and scalability. This blog post lists the top 10 IP PBX systems that gained a lot of popularity in 2023 and are expected to rule in 2024 and beyond.

Best IP PBX software for business success

Recently, HoduSoft conducted an online survey to find the best IP PBX phone system for 2024. Here are the ten best IP PBX software as a service (not necessarily in order of excellence.)

HoduPBX is creating waves in the IP PBX phone system market with its offering that includes virtually everything you want, and that too on a customizable basis. You can get it as an on-premise system, as a hosted solution, or as a multi-tenant PBX system. The features of one of the best IP PBX software include:

  • WebRTC audio-video chat and conference
  • IVR
  • SMS Broadcast and voice broadcast
  • Auto-provisioning of all major brand IP Phones
  • Least cost routing
  • The integrated payment gateway for multi-tenant IP PBX
  • Voice calls, video calls, SMS, fax, voice mail, email, and social media integration give an omnichannel experience
  • Advanced AI-powered call forwards, DND, and call transfers
  • Add on modules like queue monitor and reseller module aimed at ITSPS and VoIP service providers
  • Zoho CRM integration, and many more

All the above features make HoduPBX one of the best PBX phone systems in the world.

    If you wish to go with a renowned IP PBX provider in 2024 and beyond, then you can consider the 3CX Phone System—the software-based private branch exchange phone system of multinational software company 3CX. The front-runner in the top 10 IP PBX systems allows you to plug in any SIP phone, use your mobile and enjoy unified communication, and offers comprehensive call management. It is easy to use too since it does not require specialized hardware as is so often the case with IP PBX.

    The award-winning Top IP PBX Software brings a ton of features to the table:

    • Work on the go with iOS and Android applications
    • The 3CX web client and desktop app enable employees to make and receive calls directly from their computer
    • Integrated video calling and conferencing
    • Website live chat to a live call/video
    • Integrated call center solution
    • MS Teams integration
    • Answer Facebook company messages from 3CX

    Apart from that, the second-best IP PBX phone system in the list offers all telephony features, including voicemail, auto-attendant, recording, integration into CRM, and audio-video calls with WebRTC. 

    NCH Axon is simple and easy to set up in the Windows operating environment with a web interface for configuration. It can be set up with an IVM auto-answering attendant. It supports 64 phone lines and offers unlimited extensions. Some of the key features offered by this IP PBX software include:

    • Manages telephone calls within a business
    • All the standard PBX features like call transfer, hold, and record
    • Up to 64 extensions or external lines
    • A voicemail box for every extension
    • Basic on-hold music
    • Predictive dialing
    • Agent auto dialer for outbound call centers
    • An easy web-like control panel that can be accessed remotely
    • Easy VoIP usability (including Skype Connect accounts) and/or analog PSTN landline phones
    • Supports video for Express Talk Softphone for IP Video Phones
    • Digital call routing as well as support for IP phones

    It is scalable too with features such as VRS call recording, on-hold message, dial dictate, and Quorum call conferencing server. If your phone traffic is not voluminous and your requirements are not demanding then NCH Axon will fit in nicely at a good price.

    CISCO IP PBX is the de-facto choice of a large global enterprise that requires a full set of features, stability, assured performance, and faultless service. It is not surprising that CISCO fits the bill but at a higher-than-normal cost. For example, a normal estimate is $600 per user for the basic service, and for each added component, $100 extra. There are plenty of other charges. 

    CISCO offers a range of IP PBX solutions to suit enterprises with 25 to 1000 users. You have 

    • Unified messaging
    • Mobility
    • Auto-attendant
    • Instant messaging
    • Voice mail
    • Video conference

    Several other tools are also available on the CISCO IP PBX platform. 

    Cisco offers a unified communication manager, which provides a secure VoIP system to replace legacy PBX unity connection and unified attendant consoles in the software. Then you have Jabber which allows audio-video calls from mobiles. All these put together, make CISCO IP PBX one of the best on-premise phone systems in the world.

    You do not have to worry about security or protocol mismatches when you opt for Cisco but then you should also expect to pay more.

    Transform your business communication with our powerful IPPBX software

    Avaya, it must be remembered, was spun off from AT&T and Lucent so it already has good genes, to begin with. Its focus was on pioneering communications and its UC solution today commands a respect-worthy market share.

    As can be expected, Avaya offers a wide range of features including:

    • Unified communication
    • Integrations
    • Excellent security
    • IP Office to help reduce and simplify communication and collaboration
    • BYOD and excellent mobility solutions

    All these features make Avaya the best IP PBX software alternative.  On the flip side, all this comes at a premium price. Moreover, you should be patient enough when it comes to service.

    Digium is the company behind Asterisk, one of the oldest and best-known free open-source platforms for VoIP communications. It offers various models of which the AA300 is quite popular. 

    Some of the key features of Digium IP PBX are:

    • Extreme ease of use
    • Flexibility in trunking options and external connectivity
    • Customization for high value for money
    • Excellent support and assistance in configuration

    In short, Digium Switchvox has plenty of features offered at affordable prices so this could well be your choice.

    Xorcom is another company that offers a host of flexible IP PBX systems ranging from the small 1-30 user set up to 1500 user set up, including multi-tenant PBX as well as hotel phone systems.

    The Xorcom IP PBX offers a host of sophisticated features that make it one of the top IP PBX software:

    • Appliance-based hardware systems
    • A complete PBX virtual machine that works on Hyper V or VMWare
    • Access for up to 5000 users
    • Home office / remote extensions / teleworking (mobility)
    • Easy to use, easy to admin
    • Centralized service for multi-branch enterprise
    • No equipment investment, no additional maintenance fees,​ and no hardware responsibility

    Xorcom has been around for years and it does have a reputation for reliability besides offering customers a range of options. If you are in the market for an IP PBX system you can certainly short-list Xorcom.

    Sangoma is another contender for the top spot in the IP PBX market. Its PBXACT UC-40 is aimed at the SMB segment with support for 30 concurrent calls across 40 users. The full, rich feature set and affordability are hallmarks of the Sangoma range of IP PBX.

    Here are some features of Sangoma IP PBX:

    • Easy to use and allows the configuration of a host of parameters
    • Easy integration with third-party applications
    • Zero-touch provisioning with Sangoma IP phones
    • Conference pro
    • Call recording
    • Multi-language support, and support for open SIP Standards.

    Sangoma is also behind two extremely successful IP PBX Phone Systems–Asterisk (sponsored by Sangoma) and FreePBX (a free and feature-rich IP PBX solution). If you are looking for one of the best PBX systems for small and medium call centers, then you can explore the features of Sangoma IP PBX.

    The US-based company has a global reach and a reputation in the world of IP PBX targeted at small and medium businesses. Its solutions are offered as on-premise and hosted as well as hybrid. 

    Some of the top features of ShoreTel IP PBX include:

    • Automated attendant
    • Call management
    • Call forward
    • Direct inbound, and mobility with find-me/follow-me features. 
    • APIs for third-party app integration such as Dynamics, Zen Desk, and Outlook
    • Integration with collaboration tools such as video chat, file transfer, and desktop sharing

    ShoreTel has various products and gives a custom quote based on your requirements. Still, overall, ShoreTel IP PBX UC is comprehensive, rich in features, and backed by service. 

    Yeastar offers a range of On-Premise IP PBX systems known for dependability, affordability, and performance. Its S series is aimed at small businesses and it has higher-end solutions too. Small businesses typically have 20 users for which the S series is a perfect fit with its support for 4 analog phones and 2 SIP trunks. 

    Some of the best features include:

    • Call forwarding
    • Call queue
    • Ring group
    • Auto attendant
    • Conference calls
    • Easy integration with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts
    • Voicemail, and more are all provided at no additional cost

    Yeastar supports SIP/IAX and everything in between E1/T1 in addition to cellular and standard PSTN. However, you have to obtain a dial tone from a SIP trunking provider and also obtain SIP Trunk.

    All in all,

    All ten best PBX software featured here have their own strengths and uniqueness. Some have been around for quite some time and have carved a place for themselves in the IP PBX space, while some service providers such as Hodusoft have revolutionized the space with advanced features and attractive pricing.

    HoduPBX IP PBX is one of the best products offered by HoduSoft. It can be customized to meet the needs of different businesses. So, if you are searching for one of the Best IP PBX Software with lots of advanced features at a reasonable price, then you must consider HoduSoft. For more information about the HoduPBX IP PBX system, or to get a free demo, connect with HoduSoft’s professional team today!

    Transform your business communication with our powerful IPPBX software.

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