Provide Enhanced Communication Service with Integrated WebPhone of HoduPBX admin June 2, 2016
Provide Enhanced Communication Service with Integrated WebPhone of HoduPBX

Provide Enhanced Communication Service with Integrated WebPhone of HoduPBX

HoduSoft thrives to upgrade systems and products to offer you the best in class solutions, which you can use to pave your way towards a successful business. HoduPBX is one of as such products we offer to our clients with advanced features. It is a multi tenant PBX solution with all simple to advanced features; one might need to provide PBX services. We keep on working to look for new modules, which we can add into our HoduPBX, multi-tenant PBX solution so you can offer better services to your clients. One of the newly added features in the HoduPBX, multi-tenant PBX solution is “Web Phone”.

We have added an integrated webphone in the HoduPBX, PBX solution. It is developed using the WebRTC technology. The WebRTC technology is invented by Google and it supports Real Time Communication using Web. We have leveraged this characteristic of the WebRTC technology and developed a web phone using this technology, which has been integrated into the HoduPBX, PBX solution. Now, communicate in real time, that also from anywhere, at anytime. With the usage of web phone of HoduPBX, PBX solution, you are not bound to use the IP Phones or external dialers for communication. This web phone can be used through web browser. So, now, you can use the web phone of the HoduPBX and enjoy communicating from anywhere. Neither you need to switch from one software to another to for calling, nor you need to manage those hardware and wiring of IP Phones. In a nutshell, complete hassle free communication with the integrated webphone of HoduPBX.

The web phone of HoduPBX, PBX solution offers three modes of communication:

  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Chat

All 3 major communication channels are covered. You can now offer all these to your tenants. These are the 3 most used communication channels for any business or organization and you are satisfying those with your PBX services. One value added feature for your tenants would make you stand out from your competitors.

If you are concerned about the security, then let us tell you the web phone in the HoduPBX, PBX solution is protected with the SSL checks. The communication will be completely secure. This webphone can be used through office VPN, which will make it even more secure.

In a nutshell, added communication feature, with completely secure communication, with improved customer satisfaction. All available in one product, HoduPBX: PBX solution. So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE DEMO today!

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