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how a reliable web phone can enable you to provide enhanced communication service

How A Reliable Web Phone Can Enable You to Provide Enhanced Communication Service?

As the name suggests, a web phone is an internet-based phone system that enables users to make and receive calls directly from a web browser. To put it simply, it’s a phone that operates on the internet.

This blog post discusses many crucial things about web phones starting from what is a web call, how a web phone works, the benefits of web phones, and how to choose the right web phone for your business.

What is a web call?

A web call is a voice call that’s embedded into a browser or a web page. That means a user just needs to download the browser extension of a web phone application or install a web phone app, which appears on the webpage.

Users can use the number pad to dial phone numbers and call from a computer or mobile device just by clicking on the call button. To install a web phone on your website, use the web call widgets of your VoIP service provider (who typically handles all installation and configuration related to web phones.)

How does a web phone work?

Web phones typically use built-in browser technology such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari for iOS, and Opera. The most common standard for web phone apps is Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), which allows audio streaming between browsers without the requirement of any plugins.

When it comes to devices, web phones are compatible with a wide range of devices which include Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and, of course, Windows. Many VoIP and cloud-based communication service providers also provide web phone calling features with their solutions. They mostly use WebRTC and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to allow calls from a web browser.

Top four benefits of web phone

Since their invention, web phones have benefitted many individual users and businesses of all types and sizes across the world. Here are some of the top benefits of web phones.

  1. Feature-rich

Web phones are packed with numerous cutting-edge features such as:

  • Automated call routing: Web phones can forward and route calls quite effectively, which enables users to connect with the right point of contact instantaneously.
  • Call recording: Be it incoming or outgoing calls, web phones can record every call to review the conversation as well as for quality and training purposes. 
  • Conference calls: This feature enables multiple users to join a call and communicate with each other easily.
  • CRM integration: Web phones also easily get integrated with Customer Relationship Management (platform).
  • Interactive voice response (IVR): This feature provides many self-service options to callers and connects the call to the right people.
  • Video calling: Many web phones support video calling, which allows users to make video calls over the internet.
  • Web call analytics and real-time reporting: This feature enables users to look at various KPIs and generate reports in real-time.
  1. Cost-effective and easy to use

As web phones can be embedded into browsers and only need browser extensions to make calls, they are extremely cost-effective and easy to use. Users don’t need to invest in any specialized equipment and just need to download the browser extension of a web phone application or install a web phone app.

  1. Enhanced productivity

By providing a wide range of sophisticated features and being extremely easy to use, web phones are designed to enhance the productivity of businesses. With remote working becoming the new normal, web phones make it extremely easy for teams with remote employees to remain connected to each other and collaborate more effectively.

  1. Enhanced security

Web phones are far more secure and protected compared to other business communication systems. That’s because they’re built by using secure internet protocols, which provide superior encryption, authentication, and integrity protections. Apart from that, web phones can be configured to use advanced security measures such as security questions for verification and two-factor authentication.

How to choose the right web phone for your business?

When it comes to selecting the right web phone, you will get plenty of options in the market. But to find the right phone, you must have to invest quality time in research. First of all, determine your needs. What do you want from the web phone? What features would you like it to have? How much would you be willing to spend on the web phone?

Asking these questions will help you get clarity on the number of users who’ll be using the web phone, the features you’ll need, and the estimated amount of money you need to set aside to buy the web phone.

After that, start with the research process. Open a web browser and type search terms such as “web phone download,” “best web phone,” “web phone app,” “web phone calling,” and “web phone mod apk.” If you are looking for a web phone in a certain locality, type terms such as “web phone (City or Country Name.)”

After that, visit the websites of different web phone providers and compare features, prices, also pros and cons as well as customer reviews (if available). Looking at the sites of seven to ten service providers will help you shortlist a handful of promising companies that can provide you with the right web phones that you want.

Call the shortlisted companies so that you can select the best one. Before making any buying decision, test the web phone. Many reputable and trustworthy VoIP services providers offer free trials and demos. That’ll help you test their systems before you make a buying decision. For instance, at HoduSoft we provide a free demo on our HoduPBX multi-tenant PBX solution web phone. If you are delighted with the free trial, then you must buy the web phone immediately.

What is the HoduPBX web phone?

HoduPBX is a multi-tenant PBX integrated web phone solution, which is developed using WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology was invented by Google and it supports Real Time Communication using Web. At HoduSoft, we have leveraged this characteristic of the WebRTC technology and developed a web phone using this technology, which has been integrated into the HoduPBX, PBX solution.

Using the HoduPBX web phone solution, you can communicate with your employees, customers, and vendors from anywhere, at any time.

With the usage of web phone calls of HoduPBX, a PBX solution, you are not bound to use IP Phones or external dialers for communication. This web phone app can be used through a web browser. So, now, you can use the web phone of the HoduPBX and enjoy communicating from anywhere.

You don’t need to switch from one software to another for calling, nor do you need to manage the hardware and wiring of IP Phones. In short, it provides complete hassle-free communication with the integrated webphone application of HoduPBX.

The web phone of HoduPBX, PBX solution offers three modes of communication:

  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Chat

All three major communication channels are covered. You can now offer all these to your tenants. If you are concerned about security, then let us tell you the webphone in the HoduPBX, PBX solution is protected with SSL checks. The communication will be completely secure. This web phone can be used through office VPN, which will make it even more secure.

All in all,

Web phones are one of the most important innovations in the telecommunication space. Equipped with sophisticated features and completely secure communication, they just need a stable internet connection and configuration with a web browser to get started.

At HoduSoft, we aim to upgrade systems and products to offer you the best-in-class solutions, which you can use to pave your way toward a successful business. So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE DEMO today!

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