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WebRTC offers an easy, secure, and reliable way for users to collaborate using a browser. 

In the corporate world utilization of workspace is a crucial part that has to be done in a way that suits everyone. Especially in contact centers, small cubicles are crafted for executives where desktop, external phone, headphones, and other stuff is kept, it looks so clumsy as hardly they have space to fit into it.

HoduCC has come up with an Advanced Multi-Channel Business Communication System working in less space. Unlike other software, Our Contact Center Software has an in-built webphone that is based on WebRTC technology by Google. Here people do not require any IP phone or hard phone or any third-party softphone as it comes in-built into the software. 

What is WebRTC?

Developed by Google, WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communication is an open-source technology. This open-source framework for the web infuses real-time communication capabilities in the browser. It supports voice, video, and other generic data (online messages, share screen recordings, and data transfers), allowing developers to create robust voice/video communication solutions. WebRTC technology is available on all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. Moreover, it is suitable for both the desktop version as well as Android and iOS devices.

Key Features and Advantages of WebRTC

Open-source technology

WebRTC is an open-source API (Application Programming Interface) that provides a standard engine that works across all major browsers.

Low latency delivery

WebRTC uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) to deliver information quickly across the internet. 


WebRTC uses Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encryption and authentication of both voice and video.

High-quality voice and video

 WebRTC uses the Opus audio codec to produce high-quality audio and VP8 codec for advanced video quality. 

Easy collaboration

WebRTC makes collaboration easier. It requires no additional software, thereby allowing users to attend important meetings online without any hitches. 

Reliable session establishment

WebRTC supports reliable session establishment, thereby reducing latency and improving quality.

Benefits of WebRTC


Why pay more for hard phones when HoduCC is meeting your requirement in the software itself.

Space utilization

Workspace can be utilized in a manner that within the space more number of executives can sit and work comfortably.

Communicate with Ease

Agents and Team Leaders can communicate with ease, as they can take advantage of features quickly, which is quite difficult when using IP phones.

Easy Configuration

We have a rest API for web phones which can be easily integrated with the CRM. Agents or Supervisors can log in to their CRM and can make or receive calls from the CRM directly.

Enhance The Contact Center Experience With WebRTC Technology
WebRTC Phone Contact Center Software is an ideal solution for customer care businesses, allowing direct access to the contact center. HoduSoft provides a simplified, secure channel of communication including voice & video the Web & mobile apps for faster communication. The WebRTC Solution is one of the most powerful communications tools for the contact center we’ve seen in years. Want to know more about WebRTC?  Connect with our experts today!
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