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HoduCC Contact Center Software

Work Anywhere, Anytime with our Contact Center Software’s New Feature “Web Phone”

Hodusoft is working day and night to develop the VoIP products which can make the job of people accurate, fast and easy. We constantly emerge new products to cater our clients. One of our most appreciated VoIP Products is “HoduCC”. It is a contact center software with all simple to advanced features to consolidate the working of any small to big call center or customer support center.

One of the most important features of our contact center software HoduCC is its web phone. The web phone is an integral part of our contact center solution, HoduCC. It means you can access it from the system itself. You don’t need to download any additional application or software. Isn’t it making it perfect fit to use? The web phone is developed using the latest technology WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication). The WebRTC technology is introduced by Google, which can be counted as the hallmark of reliable technology. The web phone of HoduCC, contact center software has all the features of the WebRTC technology. This allows your agents and staff of call center to leverage the benefit of both real time and remote communication at the same time.

Our web phone satisfies the main need of any small to big call center, contact center or customer support, which is audio calling. Now, your agents can use this web phone to make and receive calls. In fact, your agents can also work remotely. Don’t you think it will offer working hour and place flexibility for your staff? The communication over web phone is completely secure as it uses the HTTPS connection during the call. Moreover, your agents can use this web phone through office VPN also for further security. This will improve the staff satisfaction at its best. The flexibility of working from remote locations and attending or making calls in the real time would improve the productivity of the agents of your call center.

Moreover, the web phone removes the need of IP Phones. This will further reduce the cost of hardware, cabling, etc. This offer the cost benefits to your call center. Moreover, the maintenance cost is almost nullified as the web phone is part of HoduCC, Contact Center Solution. As the cost of hardware is removed the operational cost is also removed. This reduction in the cost of operation and maintenance of the IP Phones will improve the Return over Investment (ROI).

When you can get more productivity, more ROI, then why to make calls from an IP Phone? When you can use a flexible and advanced web phone? Still, have any confusion? Contact Us, our executives will assist you to showcase its benefits and features with the free demo.

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