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Predictive Dialers Boost Brand Success in Different Ways – Leverage Them

Predictive dialers are ubiquitously popular in call centers for the simple reason that they introduce a degree of automation. Intelligent automation results in productivity rising by 300%. It also reduces the idle time for agents and reduced call handling time besides the inclusion of lead management. Time is money. Every second wasted may result in missed opportunities and fewer sales. Opportunely, predictive dialer software is there to ensure perfect utilization of time. This automated outbound calling software technology places calls at the best times to ensure better results. 

How does the best predictive dialer software work?

Well, an automated predictive dialer is a technology that moves through a list of contact numbers automatically and places one outbound call at a time. Also known as Outbound auto dialer software or outbound predictive dialer, it makes calls without any human interference with the help of algorithms that support certain business objectives.

One kind of automated dialer, a predictive phone dialing software technology, aims for a higher calling rate. It does this by connecting the agents with a maximum number of customers. If a call gets answered or rejected, the auto-dialer software system quickly moves on to a new lead. However, this web-based predictive dialer intelligently routes the answered calls to the available agents.

Hence, prevents the chances of missing any leads for the business. Besides achieving higher calling rates, the technology also helps in enhancing agents’ efficiency by enabling agents to attend to as many leads as possible. 

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How beneficial predictive dialer is for call centers?

Let’s look at some of the ways this intelligent outbound dialing system can help boost a brand’s success:

#1. Better lead management

A call or contact center software that does not have an intelligent predictive dialer is not worth anything. These days speed is everything and one must reach out to a prospective target before the competition can. The best call center software usually ties into a backend CRM that stores data about existing customers and captures data about a new lead. The users can easily find all such leads in one place with complete history. Better lead management means agents spend less time on this and more with prospective customers while being able to view details. Tie this to skill-based mapping and possibly WebRTC for face-to-face conversations and it becomes easy to see just how useful predictive dialer is for call centers.

#2. Agent performance increases, brand image improves

Smart VoIP predictive dialer software such as those from HoduSoft have more than the standard set of features. It can automatically detect whether a human is answering the phone or if it is going to an answering machine. Moreover, the smart dialer software can decide the best time to call a person. This increases the number of ongoing calls and decreases the call termination rate. At the same time, automatic call distribution kicks in which evenly distributes the workload among the available agents. This further reduces the idle time and stress on agents. This has a bearing on how they interact with called parties and deliver a better impression of the company.

#3. Optimal contact times

The best predictive dialer software may also have some self-learning features. For example, it has the capability of timing the call right and choosing the most likely leads that will lead to conversions. A call/contact center software may organize data all in one place which helps agents access information like customer profiles, buying history, and other details with great ease. The dialer filters out the hindrances like answering machines or fax, and provides swift access to live connections. In general, the VoIP predictive dialer automatically prioritizes calls to leads that are ripe for conversion. Thereby ensuring lead conversation and preventing that target from going elsewhere. After all, time is of the essence.

#4. Reduction in costs

Agents find it easier to complete maximum calls in minimum time when the predictive dialer functions almost like a secretary. Since the call placement process is automatic, manual efforts decrease to a great extent. As a result, fewer agents are enough to make calls. Furthermore, the abandonment rate decreases, conversion increases, time for each call decreases, and so does cost. At the same time, called parties to appreciate responsiveness. In addition, the integration of outbound auto dialer software with the CRM system eliminates the need to invest in additional expensive hardware. Several businesses these days are moving from on-premises dialing to hosted predictive dialer systems which helps them in increasing sales and supporting customers without adding operational costs. All these things ultimately contribute to creating a better brand image. 

#5. Happy agents, better-performing agents

A predictive dialer does not get the agent to engage in fruitless calls. The automated predictive dialer eliminates the manual effort of dialing numbers. Hence, boost agent productivity. It automatically detects the best call times. Besides, it can predict the correct time when the current call will end. This way, the wastage of time in dialing the next contact number reduces greatly. When idle time is reduced, agents feel a sense of achievement with high conversions and this makes them happy. Happy agents are motivated to do better and serve customers better, translating to a stronger brand image.

#6. The confluence of in and out

A call center may handle inbound calls and it may also handle outbound calls. Predictive dialer integrated into call center software will work both ways. It will distribute calls, whether these are inbound or outgoing to agents and ensure a fast, efficient and responsive process that customers appreciate. Moreover, this intelligent outbound dialing system can adapt well to the needs of every business whether a small business or a large enterprise. In all, predictive dialer software is a scalable solution for today’s businesses. 


To conclude, all the above-mentioned reasons make predictive dialers an essential tool for businesses. It not only helps in improving agent productivity but also assists in offering the best customer service. More and more businesses are implementing this technology to enhance their productivity. As per a report, the global predictive dialer software market size which was at USD 1.03 billion in 2020, is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 37.0% from 2021 to 2028. Hence, investing in a predictive dialer for call centers can be the best decision you can make to boost your sales and brand image. 

HoduSoft offers top-of-the-line predictive dialer software that automates outbound calls and helps bring fruitful results.

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