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Advantages of IP PBX Software in Telecom Industry

Advantages of IP PBX Software in the Telecom Industry


At first glance, it would seem that IP PBX, which is a VoIP replacement for standard PSTN-based PBX, is suitable only for business enterprises. However, the many inherent features of IP PBX, especially when it is a hosted multi-tenant solution, make it ideal for telecom carriers and VoIP service providers. In this blog, you will get to know about IP PBX software and its benefits for the telecom industry. 


What is an IP PBX system?

An IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is simply a telephone switching system within a company that switches calls between: 

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) users on local lines
  • A VoIP user and a traditional telephone user
  • Two traditional telephone users just like a conventional PBX does

The tool oversees the incoming and outgoing calls across its telephone network. It accesses the best way to route several calls simultaneously. Besides, employees can use the phone system to communicate within the company or to make and receive calls. 


What makes IP PBX different from a traditional PBX?

If we talk about a traditional PBX system, it is installed within a business’s office. The company needs to do regular maintenance and upgrades to keep it up to date. The system can connect calls internally and externally while ensuring:

  • Call stay connected
  • The call ends as soon as users hang up
  • Keeping track of call metrics

The main difference between a traditional PBX and an IP PBX system is that the traditional PBX systems are made up of hardware, whereas an IP PBX system is mainly software. IP PBX phone systems are designed to work with packet switch networks. It means that they can handle:

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Data, etc. 


Types of IP PBX software

An IP PBX can either be:

  • On-premise: On-premises generally means that it is installed within your business location.
  • Hosted: A Hosted IP PBX system is managed as well as handled by a VoIP provider. 

To decide which option best suits your business, you must analyze your specific business requirements. For telecom companies that don’t have an IT team or system administrator available, hosted solutions would be a good option. These solutions are very much cost-effective and provide all the simpler features required to manage a business. However, for medium to larger businesses that require more control, customizations, and features, an on-premises system can be the best suitable option. 


Why consider a hosted system with a multi-tenancy option?

Most telecom companies these days are finding multi-tenant hosted PBX software the best choice. The reason is mainly that it helps to streamline communication while improving operational efficiencies. For businesses like ITSPs and others, it is vital to choose the best cloud-hosted IP PBX that comes with multi-tenancy and individual branding.  It helps businesses to augment their brand value and also puts them ahead of the competition. Some of the key features of hosted PBX Software with multi-tenancy option include:

#1. Auto-provisioning

Auto-provisioning helps businesses in making significant savings. Moreover, it improves both efficiency and productivity of the customer service agents. This feature gives users the flexibility to set up phones and assign permissions as per their requirements.

#2. SIP Trunking

The SIP Trunking module of the cloud-hosted IP PBX system supports a large number of simultaneous calls. It helps users to save huge on their communication costs while offering a host of unified communications features.

#3. Audio conferencing

Audio conferencing tools in VoIP PBX software allow users to connect with different individuals or groups easily. Most hosted systems provide superior quality audio conferencing features in their multi-tenant IP PBX phone system. Some of these features include such as conference recording options, mute or unmute calls, ad hoc conferences, etc.

#4. Billing and payment

The prepaid and postpaid modules under the billing and payment feature are highly beneficial for telecom companies. It is especially beneficial for those who provide IP PBX software to end users or resellers. With its feature, several calls can be measured and billed accurately.

#5. Real-time analytics and reports

Also, known as enterprise cloud PBX software, a good hosted PBX allows users to get various reports easily, quickly, and efficiently. With real-time analytics, companies can track and improve overall performance, boost customer experience, enhance productivity, and make informed decisions.


How does a multi-tenant IP PBX system help telecom companies?

It can be a top revenue-generating tool. Telecom carriers can opt for multi-lingual multi-tenant hosted IP PBX software and offer it as a service to their business clients. A multi-tenant IP PBX system can be used from multiple locations.

#1. Easy, secure, and cost-effective connection

A service provider can have hundreds of clients using his IP PBX system, each user operating in a secure channel. The best thing about IP PBX software is that it allows easy connection using an IP Phone, a desktop computer, or a mobile device. Enterprises will surely love this facility, especially when call costs reduce across international borders.

#2. Value addition

There is plenty of scope for value addition. Business PBX phone system is more sophisticated these days. By incorporating additional features, telecom carriers can offer these as value-added services. One is the inclusion of IVR. Enterprises find IVRs virtually indispensable as a self-service tool. IVR with PBX software would certainly help them deliver better customer service.

#3. WebRTC and video conferencing

WebRTC and video conferencing offer additional revenue streams. It is easy to incorporate WebRTC into IP PBX software. Telecom carriers can offer audio and video conferencing features as add-ons. Business clients will love the fact that they do not need to install specialized software. Their video conferencing will work on any system, even mobiles.

#4. Billing feature with analytics and reporting

The best part of hosted multi-tenant IP PBX for telecom operators is the billing feature with analytics and reporting. It is easy for them to keep track of each client as well as system performance. They do not need to invest heavily. The hosted solution is on a pay-as-you-go model. So when they pay the service provider, they are doing so out of the revenues they earn.

All in all, IP PBX is not just voice! It includes email, fax, chat, and audio-video conference. Telecom carriers have rich opportunities to offer this omnichannel communication facility and monetize them in different ways.



For Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) who want to offer hosted PBX services, HoduSoft IP PBX System can be an excellent choice. Undoubtedly, it is a comprehensive software for ITSPs that comes with multi-tenancy and individual branding. 

Grow your business with HoduSoft and achieve more success. To know more about the HoduSoft IP PBX phone system or to get a free demo, connect with the team today!

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