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Why Your Call Center Software Must Have Predictive Dialer?

Call center or contact center is a tricky business. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to gauge the actual Returns over Investment. The reason is the revenue of any call center is dependent on the time spent by an agent with a live prospect. This call can be made for a variety of reasons. To name a few:

  • To pitch a new product or service
  • To convey an important announcement
  • To give a reminder
  • To conduct a survey
  • To collect debts

In a nutshell, the outbound calls can be made for different reasons, and revenue can be counted based on hit ratio of these calls. Here,  Call Center Software plays a major role in keeping actions and efforts in place for any contact center. This solution comes with some amazing features which can play a major role in increasing revenue of your call center. One of the must have features of this solution is  Predictive Dialer. This feature will play on the front foot to increase your revenues. How? Let’s explore.

Before getting into details of how it can be beneficial, let’s first understand,  what predictive dialer is?

It is an advanced call center software  feature with an amazing inbuilt algorithm or mathematical formula to increase agent’s productivity and contact center’s revenue.

How does it work?

  • Based on the coded logic, this feature will predict when your agents will get free from the current call to take the next call. Also, it will make a prediction for a scenario of how many calls can get actually answered after dialing. This feature runs a mathematical formula which will give a specific number in the system.
  • Based on this extracted number, the system will dial numbers of prospects or customers by pulling those from integrated database or CRM system
  • When the dialed call is connected with a human, system will transfer this call to a live agent

Key Benefits of Predictive Dialer

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Saves Time

Now, your agents don’t need to spend time in dialing numbers manually, listening to the ring and then getting connected with the caller. All these will be done automatically, which will save enormous time of your agents. Also, this feature will only pass the calls which get connected with a human. It will disconnect all calls which ended up to the voicemail, answering machine or a busy tone. This further saves times of your agents. A proverb, “Time is Money”, is a perfect fit for any outbound call center.

Saves Money

As only filtered calls are passed to your agents, now you can say an hour paid is an hour worked. Now, you can save money getting wasted in putting slow manual efforts in dialing numbers and calling clients.

Increased Agent Productivity

With this feature, each of your agent is now engaged in live calls. This solution will reduce agent idle time up to 90%. This will increase productivity of an agent remarkably.

Increased Revenue

Increased productivity of agents means complete focus on generating business. This clearly says, you will get an increase in your revenue generation.

HoduCC, Call Center Software is furnished with the predictive dialer feature. To know more about it, Contact us or drop us an email: [email protected].

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