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Why Hosted PBX Is The Best Solution For Remote Team

Technology has completely changed the way people used to work earlier. Internet and cloud-based applications are the most game-changing technologies for various industries. This has increased the number of people who started working remotely.

One of the very important technology is the hosted PBX system. This is the cloud-based technology that helps your telecommunication department to work effectively, whether they work remotely or from your office.

Did you check out why hosted PBX system is the best solution, especially for your remote teams? Let’s check out here:

It is Cost Effective

How hosted PBX is cost effective:

You’ve opted for Hosted PBX in the place of traditional telephone lines. Hence, you’ve saved a lot on physical wires and infrastructure cost. Now, in the hosted PBX system, there are no installation and maintenance charges irrespective of the office workers or the remote ones. Also, when you have remote teams working for your enterprise, your cost of physical space, electricity usage, dedicated telephone lines and many others are detached from your account. This makes the hosted PBX system more affordable.

Simplified Billing Module:

This system comes integrated with the advanced billing module. This module helps you generate detailed invoices on a weekly or monthly basis. The invoice comes with the call details of all the lines including remote as well as in-house employees. Hence, now you no more require people to specially prepare the invoices for you. This will be taken care by the hosted PBX.

Easy Configuration:

With Hosted IP PBX system, you have complete freedom to add or remove the lines to the system. There is no restriction to the number of lines to be added or removed. Having said this, your system is reliable as well as scalable. Also, when you go for the right hosted PBX solution provider like Hodusoft, it becomes very easy to setup the complete system in your organization.

Excellent Call Forwarding Features:

The most awesome feature for the remote team, that the hosted PBX system comes with, is the call forwarding features. Call forwarding is independent of the device your remote workers are using. This means, the call will be forwarded to your remote workers irrespective of their devices. So, your team never misses any calls that ultimately make your customers happy.

Offers Flexibility:

You have your remote as well as an office team using your existing business phones. But, the best part is, both the teams can utilize the features and functionalities that a hosted IP PBX system offers. The only reason the hosted IP PBX is able to offer such flexibilities is due to it is cloud-based.

Enforce Mobility:

There are various downloadable mobile apps available for both the platforms – Android & iOS. So, your remote team can download the app to stay full-time connected with the office phone. With the app downloaded in any device, your remote team can access to the customer details, their calls and many more features that the hosted PBX offers.

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Have the Best Team:

Now, that you’ve learnt how hosted PBX system can help your remote teams to work, it becomes now your responsibility to hire the best people in your team from all across the world. Having the best team working for you will enable you to justify your cost of utilizing the hosted IP PBX system.

All the above are the reasons why hosted IP PBX is the best solution for your remote teams.

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