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Join Our Partner Program for Growth

Most Reliable VoIP Reseller Program

Benefits of Becoming Our Reliable VOIP Value Added Resellers

We understand that you would be definitely interested to know how our partner program will benefit you in this ever-growing VOIP industry:

1. Become a Part of this Booming Industry

We already discussed on how this industry is really growing in the VoIP Services Market in the beginning. Now, let’s understand how it is really important for you to become a part of this industry.

For even a small business, a source says, switching to VOIP can save as much as 45% of expenses on a monthly basis compared to traditional telephone system. And, thus, it is also noted by a source that there will be 1 billion VOIP users by the end of 2017. So, you should become a part of this growing industry to take complete advantage of its growth to eventually grow your business

2. Hassle-free VOIP Setup

Become our value added reseller and we will ensure that you have a hassle-free VOIP setup at your end. This will further benefit you from expensive international calling to generate leads and make sales. So, there are increased chances to maintain and manage relationships with existing as well as new customers.

3. Start Without Any Investment

This is absolutely true when you indulge in our partner program. You don’t require to invest any amount of money to start your business with our VOIP products/services. This allows you to invest nothing more than your dedication, hard work and passion to grow with this growing market. Imagine the ROI you will generate every year.

4. Become a VOIP Expert Reseller

We understand that you are new to this VOIP industry and thus, we prepare for everything that you need in order to become an expert
VOIP reseller. We will train you for the products, guide you on the marketing strategies and will offer best possible support for your sales activities.

5. Lifetime Support on Products

As we said in the above point, we will provide complete support for the products. Whenever you sign up, we will be there with you in each of your needs. For us, you will be a value added reseller, so you will be given complete comfort just to see you successful.

6. Attract More Customers Easily

Traditional telephone systems are expensive compared to VOIP solutions. This is the reason why most enterprises have already shifted towards VOIP and many others would be by the end of this year. Because of the cost, setup and limitations, the traditional telephone systems have, it makes easier for the VOIP resellers to attract the customers easily. So, it will be easy for you as well.

7. Take Advantage of Low VOIP Wholesale Rates

Recently, the VOIP wholesale rates are relatively low. So, take the advantage of this to become a part of this VOIP reseller program and make more profit by saving extensively on the cost factor.

8. Sell VOIP Products/Services at Achievable Targets

Though you will be a part of a VOIP reseller program, that does not make you under pressure to make sales. The targets will be definitely set, but, that won’t lead you to more stress, but to more profit and success. Those sales targets will be easily achievable looking at the VOIP market growth.

9. Get Incentives based on Your Sales

Again, like we said earlier, sales won’t be a burden for you. You will be benefited by getting incentives based on your sales when you enter our partnership program. So, we see you becoming successful in all possible ways.

10. Get Featured as Our Official VOIP Program Partner

We give a shout out of our new and dedicated VARs on our website and social media sites. How it will benefit you? Our prospects, new as well as existing customers, new website visitors and our followers will come to know about you. We all love to get featured on a 3rd-party websites, right? This is a direct promotion without any investment. We will call this “Get 1 Get Many FREE” kinda offer. What say?


It’s pretty easy and simple to get into this amazing VOIP industry. Technology development is not going to become stagnant ever. So, take the opportunity to become our reliable VOIP reseller and a successful growth partner.

For more details, check out Hodusoft’s partner program

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