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Top 3 Areas of Small Businesses Benefited From HoduCC, Call Center Software

Small businesses used to have big dreams and fewer resources compared to the competitors. For example, the manpower in the small business is less than the big or established companies. Thus, it is important that the small businesses invest in the right direction and maximize their output. Call center software is one of the solutions; a small business can integrate in their working environment and reap many benefits. We have developed a complete call center solution, called HoduCC, which can benefit the small businesses in many ways. This article will highlight top 3 areas where the small businesses can impart max benefits.


Each sale is important for a small business. The HoduCC, Call Center Software has many features to support your sales team and increase your sales. Whisper feature will allow the seniors to guide Jr. Sales staff on how to handle the client calls. The Barge-in feature will allow the seniors and project managers to monitor the calls to ensure that each sales member is responding in the best possible way. Call recording feature provide a tool to re-listen the communication with the clients to note any skipped point. The recorded calls can also be used for training purpose. The Live call view also supports the real time monitoring of the calls and ensure each inquiry is getting handled in the right way.

Client and Vendor Support

For any small business clients and vendors are very much important, and providing them the best support is a necessity. The HoduCC, Call Center Software has many features to provide the best possible client and vendor support. Time based call routing feature allows to schedule the call routing based on the weekend or hours of the days. This will ensure that each call is attended properly and never got missed. Skill based call routing is one of the best features, which will route the call based on the skills. It is important that each call is attended by the right person so the call hold time of the caller can be decreased; call transfer from one executive to another to get the right person who can answer the call correctly can be decreased.

Better Brand Image Creation

The HoduCC, Call Center Software comes with interesting features, which will help you to build a bigger brand. IVR/Auto Attendant will make sure to attend each call so the customer gets the instance response. The IVR System will also allow taking some automated action. This will give a better Brand image creation to the company.

Apart from all these, the call center software also provides the reports, which will help to measure the performance and fine tune the weak area to get the improvised ROI (Return over Investment).

There are many as such benefits. Let us explain you with a live demo, Contact us.

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