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Social Media Contact Center Software for Ecommerce

EasyFive Reasons Why E-commerce Players Need Social Media Contact Center Software

Branding has long been used by businesses to drive emotional connection and brand recall in customers. However today, it has moved from invoking an emotion to reputation building. Customers interact with organizations both online and offline—they read reviews, vouch for experiences and join the dots with the societal good that a business does. Each action of an organization is debated and reviewed on various online platforms. Many e-Commerce players use Social Media Contact Center Software for better CX. Building relationship with customers is paramount for the sustenance of a business of any size. The benefit of quick brand accessibility through channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others that provide ready platforms for interaction through multiple channels is invaluable. As per a Deloitte Report, every minute more than 4 million people in the world respond with the ‘like’ button to the content on Facebook, over 1.5 million on Instagram, and 350 thousand tweets. While we can still debate which sector has been impacted the most by social media buzz. One thing is clear, social media has significantly influenced the retail disruptor—e-commerce. Online retailers have sniffed the opportunity that social media presents, with many sprucing up their social media pages and opening up to the concept of social commerce. Businesses understand that customers are today multi-platform shoppers, which has made omnichannel presence a cornerstone of great customer experience.

Key customer service challenges in the e-commerce sector 

The e-commerce sector has seen tremendous growth in the last few months on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.
McKinsey Report US e-commerce penetration
McKinsey Report US e-commerce penetration
  McKinsey reported that the sector witnessed ten years of growth in a span of three months. Some organizations were already online, whereas others caught up on account of peer pressure, but largely most businesses have an online presence now. The key challenges faced by e-commerce companies are: 
  1. High volume of customer inquiries and requests
  2. Greater customer expectations at par with e-commerce retail giants
  3. Efficient customer service and quick response across multiple channels

How do omnichannel customer contact centers benefit e-commerce players?

E-commerce is a high volume low margin business. It is a competitive business that gives the power to customers to compare and buy. Yet, some e-commerce platforms perform better than others with upfront additional costs leading to higher prices. Online shoppers prefer to pay more for customer experience and convenience. They evaluate their experience based on a few aspects: 
  • Response time

E-commerce customers are more time-sensitive. Customers consider the ease in reaching out to customer contact service agents and response time in getting their concerns resolved. An omnichannel contact center can help companies track each interaction and enhance customer communication efficacy. 
  • Multi-channel communication

Customers expect seamless communication across all channels. Take, for instance, a customer who points out a faulty part of a device on the company’s social media page. A customer service agent responds by commenting. The customer then calls over the phone raising the issue mentioned on the social media page. In all this, he expects a personalized approach that makes him feel valued for a sustained relationship. HoduCC Contact center software with social media multi-channel integration and smart features will help boost your eCommerce business.
  • Enable self-service

One of the time-saving and user-friendly tactics that customer contact centers can enable is self-service. Using IVR or pre-recorded messages most of the tasks can be automated saving precious time for customer service agents and customers. Come to think of it, over 60% of US consumers prefer automated self-service to get simple service tasks done. 
  • Gain a competitive edge

Good customer service can give companies invaluable benefits by differentiating between them and their competitors. Customers remember a personalized call, and chat with the customer service representative for a long time more than any email and chatbot. According to a report, 33% of customers abandoned their relationship with the company due to a lack of personalization. 
  • Iterate and improve

Today customer reviews of products and services factor as a major purchase decision driver. E-commerce customers understand the power of customer reviews more than others. Customers view the brands favorably which has an ear on the ground, listen to the feedback, iterate, and excel in customer experience. 

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It is important to redesign the online buying journey backed by efficient customer service. An omnichannel contact center helps in engaging the customers across all channels. Fortunately, HoduSoft’s award-winning contact center software is tailored for e-commerce businesses.  HoduCC allows customer support teams to provide personal, productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. Let us understand how it is changing customer experience in the e-commerce industry. 

Track customer conversations on a single dashboard

The innovative HoduCC platform helps the agents by immediately alerting them as soon as a customer communicates via popular social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, or chats and text messages. 
  1. HoduCC with WhatsApp for business incorporates features such as Multi-user login, Campaign management, real-time queuing among others. 
  2. With advantages like Whatsapp-based ticketing, seamless integration, rich media support, response scripts, request assignment, attachment option, and two-way communication, HoduCC is ideal for secure communication. 
  3. With the easy integration of Facebook, users can track customer interactions easily with HoduCC. You can also use the Facebook Live feature to upload static or influencer videos and notify customers to join for video streaming. This offers a cost-effective way of communication for high-volume e-commerce players. 
  4. With Instagram integration, the HoduCC becomes a cross-social media platform enabler. Customer service agents can access Instagram, check on customer responses, plan campaigns and roll them out. Plus, such campaigns and branding can be cross-linked to Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. A customer may tweet an inquiry or grievance and follow it up with a Facebook post in which case if it is about how products work, they can easily be picked up and dropped into the Instagram channel where you hopefully have a brief explanatory video. For each social media channel, a separate ticket is raised. 
  5. Twitter integration helps in fast and meaningful messaging in real-time. The functionality of Twitter that allows multiple accounts for different departments is helpful and bodes well for multi-tenant contact center software. 

Intelligent call routing 

HoduSoft’s contact center software provides intelligent routing of calls to the right person based on context and topic. For instance, if a caller goes through an IVR and shows interest in a product then the call will route to the sales specialist. On the other hand, if it is a complaint the call then goes directly to the service technician capable of resolving the issues. 

Remote calling

With HoduCC’s advanced contact center software features, customer agents can receive calls from remote locations on their smartphones and engage in voice calls or use WebRTC for video chat. At any point during the call, the customer agent can use the conference feature to loop in a senior executive if the matter requires his attention.  

Marketing campaigns 

HoduCC makes it easy and cost-effective for e-commerce players to run high-volume marketing campaigns using automated SMS and voice broadcast add-on features along with IVR. It helps to target customers in a particular region with custom messages in the local language delivered at the right time. Thousands of such SMS or voice broadcasts can be delivered within minutes, which are useful during the holiday season or festive occasions.  

Intelligent decision making

HoduCC offers all major CRM software integrated. The ML algorithm helps the software to become smarter as it harnesses CRM data for learning. It brings efficiency to the system by reducing average call time, boosting lead conversion by meaningful and effective customer communication, and favorable brand building.  

Reporting and analytics

The software gathers data, analyzes, and presents reports that are useful in refining strategy accordingly to generate higher revenues. 

WebRTC connect

Most e-commerce operators follow the marketplace model which means they are aggregators, and actual sellers are third parties. In case of complex queries, the inclusion of WebRTC into the communication link means a caller connects to the e-commerce operator who then switches in the actual third-party seller into the conference for a three-way talk either on audio or video. Video improves the caller experience even more. The speed of resolution is high. The customer is satisfied with his queries on the spot. There is no wait time.

Predictive dialers and auto dialing

Using the predictive and auto dialing features of HoduCC e-commerce players can capitalize on cross-selling and upselling opportunities. The CRM data integration with social media contact center software is useful with predictive dialing mode for personalized customer communication.  You may be beneficial from the HoduCC Contact Center Software in many other ways. When each conversation matters, you need a system that keeps up with changing communication channels in the dynamic e-commerce industry. HoduSoft continuously upgrades and enhances the software so you never trail in customer communication. More than 200 customers in 34 countries trust us.
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