Importance of Video Chat Contact Center Software for Banks admin November 20, 2020
Importance of Video Chat Contact Center Software for Banks
Video Chat Contact Center Software

Banks and Financial institutions are the backbones of any economy. Since digitalization is happening in almost every sector, the banking sector is also getting digital. With such a huge customer base, it becomes very important to provide high levels of customer service. A sophisticated customer interaction software that stores, processes, and analyzes the data in an efficient and cost-effective manner can be of great help to banking and other financial sectors.

Today, customers expect the same kind of effortless experience from their bank as they have with other leading retailers. The implementation of contact center software leads to improved online services. It allows customers to easily interact with a customer care agent or account manager, without stepping their foot in the bank. A video chat contact center software can bring further improvements to online banking systems. Video chat is more like an across-the-table conversation in which both the customer care agent and the customer can sight each other’s expressions and judge body language. Some of the key features of a video chat contact center solution for banks include:

  • Screen Sharing: The software allows screen sharing, which helps in improving video communication efficiency.
  • Document Sharing: Through a video chat solution, customer care representatives can easily share presentations, MOUs, and other important documents.
  • Call Recording: The software makes it easy to record your call to recall the business conversation.
  • Confidentiality: Conversations can be kept confidential with the help of a video chat contact center solution.
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Video Chat Contact center software for banks is a powerful tool with a number of benefits for callers as well as contact centers. Thus, implementing live chat with video chat in banks has plentiful benefits. Through live chat, banks can offer complete customer service solutions to the customers without losing a personal interaction. Some of the key benefits of this software for banks include:

  • Build Trust: Video chat allows banks to provide instant services to the customers. With just a click of a button on a bank’s website, customers can start a conversation with a customer care representative and get quick feedback. This further helps to build trust faster.
  • High-End Customer Support: By enabling human touch, the software helps the bank’s customer care representatives to provide high-end customer support. Instead of queuing up at a bank and waiting for their turn, customers can effortlessly resolve their issues through a video chat with their bank by sitting at the comfort of home, office, or anywhere.
  • Improved Customer Care: By enabling video chat facility in banks, the software help to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. Customers can easily discuss any issues they have with their bank, inquire about anything they are confused about, and ask questions. Customers can easily express themselves with a live chat and get a quick solution for their issues. All this leads to improved customer care service.
  • Help Selecting Winning Approach: This omnichannel contact center software allows customer care representatives to decide on the winning approach by seeing who they are talking to, and how they react.
  • Stress-Free: For banks, handling customer’s queries or issues becomes quite easier and stress-free with the help of a video chat contact center solution. Moreover, it also helps to prevent overcrowding in the banks. Instead of coming directly to the bank to resolve little issues, customers can easily turn on the chat option and connect with their account manager or customer care representative to resolve their issues.
  • Higher Customer Retention: With video chatting in the banking sector, the representatives are able to provide quick answers with personal human interaction. This helps to increase customer retention.


Having sophisticated video chat contact center software in place, banks can overcome the challenges faced with traditional contact center’s interaction channels such as telephony, text chat, or email. Although these traditional interaction channels are helpful, they do not provide the level of personal interaction that a video chat can provide especially in case of handling more complex or emotionally-ridden tasks.

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