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Real Time Analytics & Reports

Importance of Real-Time Reports & Analytics in Transforming Contact Centers

Just imagine this scenario—it’s the first working day for several new agents at your contact center. Upon logging in, they’re overwhelmed by a huge volume of calls and the abandonment rates along with call wait times go through the roof.

Is there anything you can do to manage the situation? The solution to the problem is a sophisticated real-time monitoring system. Leveraging it, you can guide the newly-recruited agents and train them on how to handle the influx of calls.

That’s the power of real-time monitoring features in omnichannel contact center software. The advent of real-time monitoring software in the early ‘90s became a game changer in the contact center industry. Be it inbound call center software or outbound call center software, by leveraging real-time monitoring for call centers, managers can understand how customer service representatives are interacting with the customers and how they are performing in their jobs.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five key benefits of real-time reports and analytics for your contact center. Read on to know more.

Five benefits of real-time monitoring

In the last three decades, contact centers have come a long way from using historical data to leveraging real-time insights to monitor the quality and quantity of calls and provide superior customer service. The transition has brought many benefits, some of which are:

  1. Enhanced company performance

By using real-time monitoring software, managers will receive customer service alerts in real time. The contact center automation software will provide call analytics, dashboards, and alerts. It tracks speech patterns and acoustics for things like abusive language, escalation attempts, compliance violations, and customer sentiment. In case of any dangerous customer service situation, the system immediately alerts the management about the issue. This way, managers can quickly take proactive steps to resolve the issue and serve their customers in a much better manner. The automatic monitoring of the call-in process leads to immediate call resolution and delights the customers. Also, when IVR contact center software is used in conjunction with real-time monitoring, it raises employees’ productivity and leads to improvement in the company’s performance.

  1. Employee workflow effectiveness

Every agent has a different set of skills and real-time call monitoring can facilitate skill-based routing as well as present a true picture of every agent’s performance and contribution. With speech analytics in place, managers can review all calls as they happen and understand which agents excel and which need more training in certain types of interactions. With real-time analytics and reports, management can pinpoint which agents need more training and who are performing well. Real-time monitoring provides objective and reliable scoring on every contact and delivers fast, efficient performance feedback to agents during the call, as well as the managers to help improve the agent’s training programs. This way it leads to employee workflow effectiveness.

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  1. Improved customer satisfaction

Did you know that real-time monitoring can enhance customer satisfaction? As per various stats, nine out of ten customers who experience poor customer service with a brand are more likely to switch. Therefore, contact centers must ensure that customers end their call on a good note. The software provides quick access to a high volume of data. It also provides flexible scheduling, customization, and filtering of data to have a 360-degree view of contact center performance. With real-time reports and analytics, managers can make the right decisions and identify areas of improvement to train their team and enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Quicker decision making

In the call center industry, time is the most important thing. Every microsecond counts and speed is of the essence when it comes to making key decisions or resolving customers’ complaints. Real-time monitoring in contact center management software enables managers and supervisors to assess call center operations and make faster and real-time decisions. The real-time metrics such as the First Call Resolution rates, the Average Speed of Answer, the Average Handle Time, the Call Completion Rate, and more will help you make data-driven decisions. Using the right data, you can introduce new practices and update business processes that will boost your contact center’s operations.

  1. Increased transparency

If you’re a user of multi-tenant contact center software, then you don’t need to worry about transparency. By using a real-time monitoring system, you can enhance transparency and will keep all team members on the same page. When automatic call distribution works in tandem with real-time monitoring software, it can provide real-time insights that will show the complete picture of your contact center’s operations. By using real-time monitoring tools, managers, supervisors, and senior customer service agents (team leads) can monitor calls from their systems and assist their colleagues in case of any difficulties.

Real-time monitoring: The most important tool for every contact center

The statement “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” is so apt for the call center industry. Real-time monitoring is one of the most effective contact center software features that can enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, customer performance, employee workflow, and more. It enables contact center managers and supervisors to monitor calls between customer service representatives and customers and improve overall operations.

If you are looking for real-time monitoring software, you need to choose a high-quality one from a trustworthy provider. With HoduCC contact center software, you will get sophisticated real-time monitoring and reporting tools that can transform your contact center. For more information about HoduSoft’s HoduCC contact center software, click here. Let HoduSoft help your business grow and become successful. 

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