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6 Signs Your Business Should Consider IP Phone System

Did you check out the latest hosted PBX trends?

The latest hosted PBX trends says that IP phone system will become more enhanced with the following things:

  • More uptime
  • Better maintenance support
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better integration with Enterprise Apps
  • Enterprise-level advanced features
  • Independent from desktop devices

So, looking into the advancements in the PBX industry, the companies are likely to see for the following signs when you want your business should actually consider implementing and installing IP phone system:

1.  Grow Faster

Each company wants to grow. Growth depicts that a company is becoming more successful in terms of employee as well as customer satisfaction. Traditional telephone lines are quite expensive, it takes a lot of time to install and also, it needs additional changes to the existing infrastructure. If you are looking to grow your business faster, you cannot compromise on the time taken to install the traditional telephone lines and its cost is unendurable.

When you opt for IP PBX software, its vendor ensure that it is easily and quickly installed. Also, the cost of infrastructure changes and buying a group of telephone lines (which is mandatory) have saved a lot here.

2.  Justify the ROI

Businesses always believe in investing in something which at least justifies the ROI on the same. You are also looking for the same. When you invest into the traditional telephone lines, it is hard to believe that you generated the ROI over it. Because, with those lines, it becomes costly to communicate with the international clients and the deals with them becomes less profitable.

But, with the hosted IP-enabled PBX, the rate of investment in terms of time, money and efforts is extremely less compared to the traditional ones. So, when the deals are on with the international or domestic clients, it is easy to justify the ROI.

3.  Overcome the Technical Headache

You are unaware of the installation and management of the IP PBX software, because you are not a technical expert. But, it comes to your biggest responsibility to choose the right IP PBX solution provider. That solution provider will take care of your complete hosted PBX software installation as well as its management training & maintenance. Well, with traditional telephone lines, you need to call an operator for sure.

4.  Add SIP for Advanced Features

It is always a good idea to have advanced features of communication to be added to your business growth. So, when you integrate SIP trunking in your VoIP phone system, more features like integrated video, instant messaging, etc. can become the part of your business communication.

5.  Become Technology Enabled – GUI

When you have IP PBX software, it is very easy to manage as it is completely GUI-based web configuration. With traditional phone lines, you don’t have any UI that can help you with easy management and navigation.

6.  Survive in Digital Transformation

Most enterprises are talking about the digital transformation. Thus, preparing the digital strategies will include improving the employees’ productivity and the customer services as well. So, with IP phone system, you can have business apps (that we saw as one of the trends) which can help you to operate the phone functions on those apps. Customer contacts are directly linked with the Outlook, while making calls, the customers’ record is automatically seen, etc. are a few features that you can have with integration of IP PBX software with business apps. This will allow your business to survive in the digital transformation era.

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Final Thoughts

As per a study, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be vanished by a decade. This will make a compulsory shift for all the enterprises to move towards SIP trunking. If you want to see a major growth in your business before a decade and you see that all the above signs suits your business plans, it is the right time to switch to the IP-enabled PBX software.

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