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How IP PBX System Enhance Your Mobile Workforce?

Communication plays a vital role in digital strategy in order to have appropriate business processes to offer an effective customer experience. And, with the speed at which digital strategy is being adopted by the enterprises, it is going to change the way we used to work and communicate earlier. Most enterprises have already started investing in improving the work environment through SMAC in order to acquire the benefits of digitization.

But, what about the employees working remotely? What are the initiatives taken to have effective communication with them? How are they going to effectively communicate with the customers? Here, IP PBX comes into the picture.

What is an IP PBX?

IP PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that allows VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol – IP) callers to switch their calls through their regular telephone lines. IP PBX can work as a hardware or a software.

Let’s discuss the ways in which IP PBX will help your enterprise to communicate well with your mobile workforce:

Mobile Connectivity

Whenever we hire sales professionals, we need to equip them with laptops, smartphones ,etc., in order to have them on their feet whenever an inquiry or follow-up email pops in. Well, now with the increasing competition, not only the sales team, the entire enterprise needs to be extremely active on their communication front.

While configuring IP PBX software solutions, we can add GSM/WCDMA to our corporate network. Due to this, our mobile workforce will be able to easily communicate through their own mobile phones with the help of the IP PBX system. Their calls will be routed through the GSM/WCDMA networks, making the calls more affordable compared to the actual fixed line-to-mobile calling rates.

Hosted PBX Communication

While talking about digitization, hardly there will be any enterprise who has not thought of cloud communication. Yes, there is a solution available in IP PBX as well with cloud communication which is said to be Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX allows your mobile workforce to make or receive calls whenever and wherever they are. Nowadays, most enterprises have offices globally. Thus, hosted PBX plays a vital role for those enterprises as well. This IP PBX system has the capabilities to integrate well with our existing PBX infrastructure which reduces its setup cost without compromising on the benefits that IP PBX system offers.

Unlimited Users Connectivity

With the increase in the business, brings in more customers as well as more workforce. However, when the employees are going to join our physical office, we need to invest a lot in terms of extra physical space, more telephone lines, etc. But, mobile workforce can be managed via IP PBX itself.

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IP PBX does not require any additional PBX installation or telephone line. We just need to add as many users as we want to add. This means, installing the IP PBX is a one time investment in which you need not to worry about increasing employees as well as customers.

Hodusoft’s “HoduPBX” offers flexible, scalable and robust IP PBX software that offers communication via video, audio and multimedia using a single network that helps the users communicate anytime and anywhere.

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