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5 Reasons Why Customer Engagement Can’t Exist Without Analytics?

Businesses cannot survive without analytics.

How YouTube is able to give you the recommendations for the videos?

 How Google understands the user’s intentions behind searching for a particular key phrase?

 How Airbnb became successful in such a short span?

For any business, it is imperative to measure how their products/services are performing at their customers’ end. And, to do this, you must need to understand your customers well and gather their feedback. With that said, feedback will be in the form of analytics that will further help you to work on the most critical business decision making. Now, let’s understand how analytics play such an important role to improve customer engagement.

Know Your Audience

To improve the customer experience, it is very much important for you to know your audience very well. For this, you will need to think towards,

  • Who all are your real customers?
  • What are they actually looking for in your products or services?
  • Why would they buy your products or services?
  • From where did they know about your products/services?
  • What do they think about your competitors?

This analytics seem very important in order to work on customer segmentation and improve the customer experience.

Add Personalized Engagement

Now that you have gathered the data on who all your customers are and what are they looking for, you can plan your customer engagement campaigns accordingly. The data gathered gives you the complete idea on how your business can connect to your audience personally.

You might have noticed how Facebook creates beautiful videos on your Friendversary. Also, as per the report by Forrester, 77% of customers choose, recommend and pay more for the products or services from the businesses that offers personalized services or experience.

Improve Their Customer Experience

Personalization is one factor that largely affects the customer experience. But, you need to always look for other ways as well that can strengthen their interactions with your business. What you can do is,

  • Define a complete customer journey across all marketing and sales strategies
  • Also, understand the customers that landed from various sources will have different goals set while looking at your products/services
  • Adding more personalization as per their goals, will make them more comfortable with your brand
  • After all this analytics research, you can test and try, make necessary upgradations to the plans and repeat.

This is like gathering data and clubbing them together for better customer engagement.

Gather Customer Feedback via Survey

How will you gather all these customer data?

Obviously, with the help of the customer feedback. There are various ways to gather customer feedback like live chat, social media, surveys, etc. Among all of them, the most effective yet crucial way is to conduct an online survey. Following are the tips you can keep in mind to conduct effective surveys to gather analytics for better customer engagement:

  • Keep short & simple questions
  • Avoid long & tedious manual intervention

Utilize Social Media Engagement

As per the Meltwater, 90% of customers expect constant and continuous engagement across multiple social media channels.

Social Media Channels are a great platform to gather the customer analytics. You can take the maximum advantage of these channels whose sole purpose is to improve the customer engagement. You can conduct polls, gather feedback for your products or services, involve your customers to interact with your brand directly, offer 24X7 support over social media, etc.

Bottom Line

With the industries moving towards digital transformation, businesses will need to focus more on analytics for the better customer engagement.

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