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Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software

6 Features to Look in Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software Before You Buy

In simple terms PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that is used within a company to connect users through voice on local lines. It has long been used in organizations of all size to enable specialized switching among users, who just dial-in the specific numbers to reach team members or branch offices across locations. With advancements in technology and digitisation, IP-based (Internet Telephony) systems have now gained popularity. A Multi-Tenant IP PBX phone system uses internet protocol to transmit voice by converting analog into digital signals, which requires VoIP infrastructure.

Why is multi-tenant PBX needed?

A multi-tenant IP PBX supports several tenants with multiple levels of administration with varying permission at each level. It is ideal for today’s multi-country, multi-city corporations, with task forces spread across geographies. It offers significant savings together with better productivity, faster communication, and a reliable network. One of the leading VoIP software makers, HoduSoft has developed a feature-rich IP PBX product–HoduPBX, to meet the communication needs of large corporations. HoduPBX is packed with cutting-edge features to effortlessly support a complex business model.  It is capable of handling 1000+ concurrent calls and supports 10,000+ extensions on a single server.

Let’s look at the 6 most important features which your ideal IP PBX solution must have as a rule of thumb.

  1. Auto provisioning

Auto provisioning improves functionality and reduces manual operations to provide uninterrupted services. As an intelligent IP PBX software solution, it enables customers to set up and make adjustments to services themselves by using a web browser or other interface. This helps in significant saving in time while improving both productivity and efficiency of the customer service agents. HoduPBX has an auto provisioning feature which lets you enjoy fast set up and inclusion of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phones seamlessly into the network. HoduPBX dashboard control of auto provisioning features give you flexibility to set up phones and assign permissions. Firmware libraries and configuration files of most SIP phones are built into the solution for automatic recognition and configuration.

Some features of HoduPBX auto provisioning that you can enjoy are:

  • You can assign an extension user to the IP phone.
  • Connect, switch on and the phone becomes part of the network with a phone extension automatically assigned to it.
  • With the help of auto provision, the firmware of the phone can be updated if required.
  • Configure the software to give access to the contact list.
  • Import data from CSV file for bulk setup of selected phones.
  • Configuration of IP phone wallpapers and ringtones.

With ease of use and access, HoduPBX makes an ideal companion for communication. The plug and play support for any IP-based phone helps users to use all IP PBX features simply by entering the provisioning URL to the phone after plugging it into an ethernet cable. This is extremely useful for remote workers and enterprises with legacy IP systems, as no manual configuration of username and password is required.

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  1. Android and iOS application

A great software means simplicity of use in multiple ways. HoduPBX has taken a leap in providing its customers an easy to use solution through phone applications. Whichever phone you use, a simple download from playstore or Appstore for iOS-can let you enjoy IP PBX functions at a click. It also offers Chrome extension with White label option.

This is beneficial during Covid-19 pandemic for remote working and widespread teams. You can leverage on high quality, reliable voice communications by using the Internet or traditional PRI, SIP or GSM connectivity. HoduPBX is designed to offer ultimate security for business phone system for better business communication. It also offers BLF (busy lamp field) & Presence, Fax to Email/Email to Fax, Video Call, and Chat features.

  1. SIP Trunking

By replacing traditional multiple fixed PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines with IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony), with SIP Trunking you can support a large number of simultaneous calls. It helps customers to save huge on their communication costs, increases flexibility, and opens up a host of unified communications features.

Key benefits of HoduPBX SIP trunking module:

Easy configuration: The tenant user can easily configure the SIP trunk to manage the inbound and outbound calling.

Highly secure: The whitelist IP trunk and registration based trunk option ensures that the calls made over the SIP trunks are fully secure.

Simplified network: It replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with single link SIP trunk connectivity for smooth functionality.

Quick scalability: Provide quick scalability on a single link with numerous simultaneous calls.

Disaster recovery: SIP trunks can be an important part of your business’ disaster recovery plan. If some unexpected event happens, calls can be diverted instantly to another site/system, so there will be no impact on business operations.

Cost-effective: SIP trunking services are affordable and provide better ROI.

HoduSoft’s SIP trunking module is the best way to manage all your communications and make processes run smoothly. Sign up for a free demo to get more information about SIP Trunking.

  1. Audio conferencing

Audio conferencing tools in an IP PBX software enables you to connect disparate groups or individuals. They present huge cost savings by eliminating the need for international phone call plans by making it simple with just dial-in process.

HoduPBX provides superior quality audio conferencing features in its multi-tenant IP PBX software. The software can be scaled as per need, and has unique features like ad hoc conference, mute or unmute and conference recording options.

  1. Billing and payment

The cumbersome process of separate billing and payment sometimes becomes a lengthy affair and an additional task for companies. To overcome this, many use separate billing softwares. Whereas a good IP PBX solution should provide an easy way for these clerical tasks. Making an investment in an IP PBX product that has these features integrated makes sense rather than shelling out extra in buying and maintenance of billing softwares. The advanced built-in features of HoduPBX has channels accrued on calls and facilities to the tenant’s account billing module. This practically removes any possible errors or time lapses.

HoduPBX’s prepaid and postpaid models of billing make life easier for VoIP service providers who usually offer IP PBX software to end users or to resellers and resellers who can take advantage of billing features to bill their customers while the service provider bills them in bulk. Postpaid and prepaid channels are separated for better administration and accounting. Hundreds of thousands of calls can be metered and billed very precisely. Service providers and their resellers can fix parameters for each and every feature Of the PBX software as they see fit. The integrated payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe make revenue collection an easy process.

  1. Real time analytics and reports

Smart use of data means smarter business decisions. Managers struggle to pull out necessary call data for insights, which may impair decision making at times.

Either it is difficult to recover, tedious to collect, or no real-time numbers, getting the call report can be an uphill task. HoduSoft’s hosted PBX software produces the reports easily, quickly, and efficiently. With the gained insights from the data, you can easily focus on the KPIs of your business. It shows real-time analytics that helps to track and improve overall performance, enhance customer experience, increase productivity, and make data-driven decisions.

We can go on with our list but we do hope these features are already making you think what IP PBX can do for your business. But, if you are planning to invest in  multi-tenant IP PBX software, keep this checklist handy to get the most advanced features in a single product. Remember, with changing business needs a scalable and reliable product from a trusted software maker will always leave behind make-the-cut software. To reach our sales representative to know more or take a trial of HoduSoft’s award-winning software trusted in 34 countries worldwide.

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