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7 solid reasons to use multi-tenant ip pbx system for your business

7 Solid Reasons To Use Multi Tenant IP PBX System for Your Business

Unified Communications is becoming more and more important in reshaping the modern business landscape. The global market share of unified communications solutions is expected to witness a whopping growth of 18% CAGR between 2022 and 2030. Multi tenant IP PBX software is an intrinsic aspect of the new-age business communications solution. It facilitates internal communication for distributed teams across different locations.

A multi tenant PBX system is a scalable solution for businesses that has expansion ambitions. As most companies are adapting remote and hybrid work models, this solution becomes the most cost-efficient way to drive productivity through seamless communication and collaboration. If you’re confused with this technical jargon, here is a complete break up of multitenant IP PBX system and its multifaceted advantages.

What is multi tenant IP PBX?

A multi tenant IP PBX is a modern PBX (private branch exchange) system that utilizes VoIP technology and is designed to support multiple tenants, on a single platform. It helps in establishing a centralized control by allowing modification at different levels of usage permission for multiple users/tenants. ISPs and ITSPs can leverage multitenant IP PBX software to customize the solution for different tenants. It also enhances business communication capabilities by introducing advanced features such as call conferencing, call forwarding, call parking, etc.

Single vs. Multi-tenant PBX

Single-tenant and multi tenant IP PBX software offers the same functionalities and features. The core distinguishing factors lie in the following areas.

  • Customization: The former solution allows a specified solution for a single tenant or office, while the latter allows customization of features for different tenants or multiple branches.
  • Billing: Single tenant PBX software produces an integrated bill for the client, while multi-tenant PBX software produces different bills for each tenant along with an integrated bill. Therefore, it offers advanced billing features, unlike single-tenant PBX software.
  • Payment: The payment  for the former is collected through one account, whereas the latter offers the option of paying the bills through multiple accounts.
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Still confused? Here’s an example to simplify the concept. Suppose, you own a two-story house. In case I, you rent the whole house to one tenant and the amenities are as per the tenant’s preference. In case II, you rent the ground floor to one tenant and the first floor to another tenant. The amenities of each floor have to be as per the tenant of that floor. Case I represents a single-tenant PBX system while case II represents a multi tenant PBX system; amenities represent features and access rights of sub-accounts or tenants.

7 reasons to use multi-tenant PBX software

After understanding the concept of multi-tenant, you must be looking for reasons why you should start using it. 

#1. Enhances functionality through advanced features

Multi-Tenant PBX software offers a plethora of features such as caller ID, call transfer, and conferencing to introduce more communication capabilities for your business. It also provides standard DID assistance and implements self-service options through a multi-level IVR system. It’s a potent tool for establishing a hierarchy within the organization to improve your organizational structure.

#2. Simplifies billing and payment management

In the case of a regular PBX system, it may take days to cumulate billing of different offices of an organization separately. A multi-tenant IP PBX software saves time and effort by automating the billing process with the help of technology. It prevents delays in payment and also frees up your resources from executing this tedious job. It also improves accuracy in billing and ensures the timely collection of payments. 

#3. Builds a cohesive workforce without interference

As multi-tenant software facilitates greater control over administration, a business can isolate the permissions, charges, call records, and databases for individual tenants. However, the admin can access an overview of all the call details records (CDRs) of all the tenants. Therefore, it fosters a cohesive system through better management of business communication.

#4. Supports scalability as per the need

It may take a few days to add a new phone line for traditional landlines. But you can add and remove users in the multi-tenant IP PBX system in just a few clicks. This flexibility of adding users is one of the greatest advantages of this solution. When your business grows, IP PBX Software provides you the ease of scaling your PBX system at the same pace. Moreover, it enables you to even scale up during peak seasons and scale down during off-seasons (if used for customer service through a hosted solution or SIP trunking).

#5. Improves data privacy and security

Business data privacy has become a critical aspect for every business. It is imperative for businesses to ensure maximum security measures for protecting their data. PBX system comes with multiple security compliances. Moreover, the service providers often conduct regular security audits. Features like encryption, blacklisting, whitelisting and other fraud prevention features ensure better security and privacy than traditional PBX systems.

#6. Amplifies revenue generation

Businesses can use multi-user PBX systems as a revenue generation opportunity by offering white-labeled IP PBX services. As every sub-tenant can have their own privacy and security, businesses can resell the services to introduce a new stream of revenue. It’s this advantage of the multi-tenant PBX systems that has earned its popularity. 

#7. Supports business growth

Businesses can leverage multi tenant PBX systems to establish communication systems at multiple geographical locations. It offers the ease of scalability along with better security and privacy. Therefore, businesses can seamlessly utilize it to expand their communication system at the same pace of its growth.

10 advantages of multi tenant VoIP software

Multi tenant IP PBX software offers the following organizational benefits.

  • Superior audio quality.
  • Maximizes uptime (depending on internet connection).
  • Provides complete visibility of business operations through integration of CRM and other business tools. 
  • Streamlines account management.
  • May or may not have omnichannel communication.
  • Ensures disaster recovery.
  • Aids collaboration through audio and video WebRTC, call conferencing, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring assures service level compliance.
  • Enhances flexibility and mobility for employees to prevent attrition.
  • Real-time analytics boosts business agility.

Who should use a multi-tenant PBX system?

If you’re still in the dilemma of implementing PBX software, check if you fall into the ideal business categories. Here’s a list of parties who must opt for this solution.

  • Businesses having multiple-location branches.
  • Businesses aspiring for growth and expansion in the next few years.
  • Large organization with a global presence.
  • Remote and hybrid work model businesses.
  • Businesses that desire to upgrade their existing phone system.

Drive business efficiency with a multi tenant PBX 

Multi tenant PBX software ensures quick installation, improved communication, and reduced calling expenses for internal communication. Its capabilities can be further enhanced with SIP trunking or by implementing a hosted solution. Its analytics also empower businesses to make data-driven strategic decisions to boost employee performance.

PBX solution drives operational efficiency while cutting down operational costs. It acts as a lifeline for business communications for remote and hybrid workforces cutting down guesswork and boosting productivity. 

HoduPBX is the best multi tenant IP PBX System that caters to the communication and collaboration needs of businesses of all sizes. It comes with advanced features to ensure well-organized billing and customizations.

This IP PBX software empowers businesses to outperform themselves and gain a competitive edge to stand out in the market. 

If you have any queries or would like to know more about the HoduSoft product suite, get in touch with our sales team at [email protected].

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