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5 Reasons Why Financial Institutions Must Invest In Contact Center Software

5 Reasons Why Financial Institutions Must Invest In Contact Center Software 

Financial businesses, like banks and insurance companies, deal with people’s money. 51% of such institutions have realized that improving customer experience is one of the top priorities for their success. Today, finance contact center software is one of the best ways for financial institutions to keep tabs on their customers and earn their trust.

Customer service software is crucial to driving business efficiency for financial institutions. Curious to know how? Let’s unwrap the importance of contact center software and look into its organizational benefits for financial businesses. 

Role of contact center services in financial organizations

A finance contact center helps insurance providers, mortgage companies, banks, and other financial institutions connect with their customers. It’s an effective tool to resolve customer queries, collect feedback, and help them in the following financial processes:

  • Withdrawal and deposit of money
  • Renewal of schemes/policies
  • Tracking the status of a transaction
  • Checking account balance
  • Reporting theft or misplacement of cards
  • Blocking cards
  • Knowing the credit limits
  • Knowing available credit balance and usage
  • Application for loan 
  • Activation of cards, etc.

In simple words, call centers serve as the communication tool between the business and customers/potential customers. It’s essential for assisting customers in their investment, banking, or any other financial journey related to the services offered. Customer service plays a significant role in keeping customers updated about financial services as well as in promptly resolving their queries.

5 reasons every financial organization needs contact center software

Finance contact center software contributes to the digitalization of financial processes for banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Even if they have mobile apps and websites, customers prefer talking to an agent before making a purchase decision. Therefore, financial organizations need to adapt customer service software to enhance customer satisfaction rates. Here are a few more reasons to point out why you need it for your finance business:

  • Provides greater accessibility

A finance contact center software ensures 24*7 accessibility. It either offers a call-back option or directs the callers to self-service options to serve them during after-office hours. Customers gain the convenience to clarify their doubts about complex financial services/products at their preferred time. It’s also a sign that your business values customers’ convenience.

  • Offers personalized financial advice

Finance is a complicated subject for almost everyone. When a financial institution tries to sell every product/service to a client, it loses the trust of customers. call center software integrates CRM so that your agents can provide personalized recommendations when the customer is confused. For instance, banking contact center software provides agents the information about the age of the caller. If the caller falls in the age group of 25-30 and doesn’t have any retirement scheme, the agent can recommend the customer to open a PF (provident fund) account.

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  • Implements self-service options

A staggering 81% of customers look for self-service options before contacting a live agent. Therefore, financial businesses must enhance their self-service capabilities to meet customer expectations. How? By implementing IVR systems and chatbots, and creating content around common customer issues. contact center software usually comes with a multi-level IVR system and chatbot features. It may also offer speech analytics which can be leveraged to identify customer pain points through the detection of frequently used terms. These terms can be used as keywords for chalking out value-added content strategy.

  • Gains trust through enhanced security and privacy

Modern customers have trust issues as they are bothered every now and then by irrelevant sales calls. Where do these salespeople get their numbers from? Customers are smart enough to identify the source. Never let your customers lose confidence in your financial institution when it comes to data security. Implementing contact center software enhances security and ensures customer information privacy. It also offers call masking features to ensure customer information such as contact details and addresses are not leaked even to the agents.

  • Harnesses data analytics to make strategic decisions

Data has become a valuable resource that can be utilized to analyze and gain insights into business operations. Customer service software provides advanced call analytics and reporting to empower financial businesses for making strategic decisions. It provides support in improving marketing efforts, fixing operational flaws, enhancing existing products/services, etc.

7 advantages of contact center software for financial businesses

A finance contact center software streamlines customer service and enables financial businesses to enjoy the following benefits”

  • Speeds up resolution

Advanced features like call queue management, call routing, automatic call distribution, etc. ensure quick resolution for customer concerns. These features eliminate the time and resources wasted due to multiple call transfers. It also prevents customer frustration by cutting down long call holding/waiting times.

  • Reduces call abandonment

IVR system ensures that your customers are engaged while the call is getting transferred to a live agent. The call abandonment rate serves as an important metric for contact center performance. contact center software features proactively minimize call drop-offs, and thereby significantly decrease call abandonment rate.

  • Boosts agent productivity

Agent dashboard and performance evaluation based on KPIs enables agents to gauge their productivity motivating them to outperform themselves. Features like CRM integration, autodialer, real-time call monitoring, etc. support agents to enhance their productivity. contact center software not only serves customers but also makes the lives of agents easier.

  • Helps in upselling and cross-selling

By leveraging data analytics of contact center software, a business can create customer profiles. It comprises customers’ preferences, dislikes, behavior trends, etc. These insights can be used to match their requirement to the products, and thus boost upselling and cross-selling.

  • Ensures service quality compliance

Call recording and live call monitoring empower businesses to maintain their service quality. While call records can be used to train new agents, real-time monitoring serves as a lifeline for agents in difficult conversations.

  • Assures seamless omnichannel communication

Modern customers expect businesses to provide customer service through multiple channels such as email, social media platforms, live chat, etc. An omnichannel contact center software helps businesses to deliver consistent service across all channels. It enables agents to respond to customers promptly as all the customer communications can be viewed through a unified platform.

  • Improves customer experience

When customers can avail information quickly, they are more likely to invest in your products/services. Customer service experience serves as a vital factor for customers, influencing their brand loyalty. Finance contact center software enhances the way agents communicate and thus improves the overall customer service experience.

Unleash the potential of contact center software to retain and engage customers

Financial service companies must strike a balance between providing excellent products/ services and engaging with customers. Clear communication is essential to spread awareness about financial services and that can be achieved through a finance call center. Customer service software optimizes the operations of the contact center to ensure your customers enjoy a pleasant experience every time they reach out to your business. It also encourages customers to interact with your business to build brand loyalty. When customers start engaging with a brand, it leads to a greater number of referrals as well as improved customer retention rates. If you are a financial institution looking for a solution to level up your CX, consider investing in HoduCC. HoduCC is a leading omnichannel contact center software that supports financial institutions to fetch higher profits through stellar customer service. Learn more about HoduCC by clicking on this link.

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