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3 Tips To Make Your Video Conferencing Impactful

Time is changing and so does the way communication is conducted. The days of travelling often are gone. People have started realizing the value of time and thus have started making maximum usage of technology. It is pretty often witnessed that people make use of conferencing solutions for conducting meetings. The most used and preferred way of conferencing in the business is, “Video Conferencing”. There are plenty of video conferencing solutions available in the market, which make you able to conduct the conferences and meetings with your clients, prospects, staff, vendors, board members, investors or any other business entity. The enterprises can either buy a video conference solution, which they may use anytime they want to conduct a conference. This is the best solution when the need of video conference has been pretty often and regular. If the organization needs to conduct video conferencing less frequently, then they may take benefit of web based video conferencing services offered by different service providers.

In any way you use the video conferencing solution, it has to be kept in mind that video conference is just a way to carry out a remote meeting, and the noteworthy fact is it is more similar to the face to face meetings as each and every gesture is exposed to the people sitting on the next side of the system. That is why, it is very much important to be conscious about the conference and a few best practices are followed. Some of the key tips are given in the following article to ensure that you use the video conference at your best to make each meeting a success!

Train your staff in advance

Before actually starting a video conference, you have to decide who the participants in it are, and what will be the role of each person. They should know, what questions to be answered by whom. Otherwise, at the time of video conference, all will start explaining together or one would be interrupting other which will make a very bad impact. Thus, make sure to distribute duties in advance. Also, be prepared for some unexpected circumstances. For example, if they ask something you haven’t thought about who will take a lead to answer that?

Be prepared in advance for the conference

Make sure to setup the system, files, documents, people and everything required for and during the conference before at least 10 minutes of actual meeting time. It should not happen that at the time of conference initiation, you are waiting for one of your team member or struggling to connect your system to share a screen. Be well prepared to make a good first impression.

 Follow the Basic Meeting Etiquette

Each member participating in the video conference has to follow some basic meeting etiquette, specifically, in terms of body language. It must be important; each member is being attentive and sitting with the same professionalism. Sometimes, a few members feel that they are not in the frame of the camera and that’s why they might be digging their nose or looking out of the window. However, change of camera angle or attention to someone is not a big deal. The people sitting on the next end might find the participant doing something unprofessional, which may create a negative impact. So be careful!

These were top 3 standards one must follow and ensure all participants are following, to take benefit of a video conference and make it a success!

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