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DID Management Feature of HoduCC Benefited Call Centers

Call centre business is growing day by day. Each call center has its own expertise and serving in a specific segment. Some of them might be generating leads for the businesses by calling the potential prospects. At the same time, some call centers resolve the runtime queries of the customers by attending their calls. If we talk technically, then, there are 3 different types of call centers.

1. Inbound Call Center, which receive calls from the customers and prospects
2. Outbound Call Center, which make calls to the customer and prospects
3. Blended Call Center, which receive and make calls from/to customers and prospects

No matter, what call center you are running, it is very much important that you have your staff, business model and infrastructure streamlined so you can ensure the success. One of the most important parts of a call center is the call center software. HoduCC is one of advanced call center software, which can fit any environment and offers best experience in all ways. Today, we will discuss one of its features, which can benefit an inbound call center the most. The feature is DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Management.

What is DID (Direct Inward Dialing)?

Direct Inward Dialing provides a mechanism using which a single physical telephone line can be used to open multiple lines of communication with dedicated extensions. It means the same physical number can have the multiple calling extensions.

How DID Support Feature Benefit The Call Center?

When you use DID numbers, you may give a dedicated extension number to each employee or a department. So whenever someone calls up your call center and dial that extension, he can directly get connected to that department, agent or supervisor with that extension. This way the hold time of the caller will be reduced commendably. In general cases, the call routing feature of the HoduCC, Call Center Solution will be used to route the call, but if you have a few premium clients, you may give them the direct extension numbers aka DID numbers so they can get the special treatment by getting connected to the right department or person at quickest. This will increase the customer satisfaction ratio.

Along with the customers, the call centers also receive the calls on the main number from various people as after all it is a business house. For example, some organization wants to inquire about your charges as they want to give you the annual contract for their customer support need. In this case, they will not call your helpline number which will get routed to the agent. They will call on your office number. Here, DID mechanism works great. The caller will dial the specific extension which is DID for a particular department or person and get directly connected to the concern person. This will eliminate the need of a receptionist who manually transfers the calls. This will also speed up the process as the caller doesn’t need to wait in queue to get the call transferred and talking to multiple people before reaching to the right one.

These DID numbers also save cost of operation because there are multiple numbers, but the only single line is used for these DID numbers. So you don’t need to pay for additional phone lines or physical phones. This gives the direct cost benefits to the call centers.

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