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How to Use Video Conferencing in Business?

Video conferencing has now become the most important function for almost all the modern businesses, irrespective of their sizes.

As per the market study, video conferencing solutions will reach up to $35.6 billion by the year 2018. Also, 94% of the enterprises have noticed that video conferencing enhances the productivity of the workforce. Hence, it becomes extremely important for a business to understand how to utilize video conferencing to the best.

1.  Always-on Video Portal

Most of the time, employees need to fly urgently to communicate with the employees sitting at the headquarters, branch offices, etc. With always-on video portal, your employees can communicate their doubts, issues, budget, etc. much easy and faster compared to any other medium.

2. One-on-one & Many-to-Many Video Meetings

With the fast work life, it is hard to conduct meetings face-to-face, especially for sharing and discussing direct reports. Here, video conferencing can help conduct one-on-one video meetings share reports directly and have the things on-the-fly. And, the best part is, the video conferencing software support 8 participants for these kind of virtual face-to-face meetings.

3.  Screen Sharing

Earlier, employees used to share your work for review via emails or using screen sharing with TeamViewer. But, the only problem was the effective communication. Now, with the video conferencing, screen sharing via video calls isone of the good things, a team can utilize.

4.  Audio Recordings with Video Interviews

With strict office hours, tight project schedules, expenses involved, etc., it was mandatory to involve video interviews in HR process. Also, for further & better evaluation of the candidates, the audio of the interviews can be recorded. Here, video conferencing creates a win-win situation for all businesses to find the right and the best candidate for their organization.

Enhance your hiring process with seamless integration of audio recordings in video interviews using advanced HR software solutions.

5.  IT Technical Support

From ensuring the security to personal technical configurations, IT technical support team can now check any issues and resolve them ASAP with the help of video conferencing. This not only helps in saving time, but, also improves the productivity of the workforce.

6.  Business Closures

We all understand the importance of meeting the client before we close the deal. This is the reason why each business needs video conferencing in order to virtually meet the client, showcase business presentations, share the screens, etc. without investing in time and cost of traveling.

7.  Daily/Weekly Sync-up Meetings

Each team needs to share their thoughts, strategies, plans and discuss another project prospects on daily or weekly basis. Here, removing the barrier of location, video conferencing can help to conduct face-to-face sync-up meetings.

8.  Online Video Conference & Webinars

Nowadays, video conferences and webinars in real trend enhance brand reputation and build engagement with the industry. Thus, businesses can benefit from video conferencing and webinars to share their thought-leadership with the audience for free or with a certain amount of fee.

9.  Video Trainings

To train your workforce at a regular interval is extremely required and not all the time, you have the expertise available. For that, we can hire a subject-matter expert to train your employees through video trainings.

10. Group Chat & Video Demo

Businesses with products can offer the video demo to a certain amount of audience using video conferencing. This software utilizes traditional phone conference functionality where a call is scheduled for all the participants. Addition to this, group chat feature is something that adds value to this software. This saves a huge amount of time and cost.

Now that you’ve learned how you can utilize video conferencing for your business, try Hoduconf – a video conferencing software by Hodusoft. It can help you with all the above mentioned business purposes.

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