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Importance of Softswitch in VoIP Business

As per the recent VOIP growth report by Zion Research, the value of the VOIP services market is expected to reach more than USD 140 billion by the year 2021. This report depicts the importance and demand for the VOIP business solutions.

But, how VOIP reached to such success level?

It’s a software that plays a very crucial role in the VOIP industry. That software is responsible for making successful calls between IP to IP. This software is known as a Softswitch. Softswitch is a combination of various switches in the form of software. A server is deployed onto a switch to provide all calling features.

Softswitches comes in 2 variations – Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 Softswitch

Class 5 Softswitch is considered to be a micro Softswitch that route calls within the organizations, cities, states and small countries. The organizations that can benefit from this Softswitch are the call centers, calling card service providers and various other similar business groups.

Class 4 Softswitch, as opposite to Class 5 Softswitch, can make long distance calls across the world. It transfers those calls to Class 5 Softswitches that are interconnected with IP and VOIP devices.

Now, let’s understand how Softswitch is important in VOIP business:

1.    Most affordable

As the softswitches are made up of software, the huge investment of the hardware and its maintenance are reduced to a great extent. Also, software is much easier to handle compared to the hardware as if hardware fails, it costs for the new hardware.

2.    Highly Secure

Software can easily be hacked. But, to ensure the security of the Softswitch, additional security measure is employed where OTP is sent to the users for secured login.

3.    Extensively Compatible

Whether the organization is a startup with limited requirements or an MNC, Softswitch can be utilized by the businesses as per their requirements. Thus, it saves the unnecessary function costs.

4.    Multi-functional

Multiple functions are available with VOIP Softswitch like call routing, reporting, mobile number portability, billing, call recording, etc. This makes it more profitable.

5.    Unique Billing Software

The billing software of VOIP Softswitch comes with the customized call rates in which invoices are made per user and are easily created for them. So, now no more wasting your time and efforts to create invoices manually.

6.    Invaluable Payment Packages

Most of the larger organizations can easily afford to invest into personalized VOIP Softswitch. But, there are also options available to pay on the monthly basis specifically designed for the startups or small scale businesses.

Now, that we know the benefits of Softswitch in VOIP business, it is equally important to know what parameters to consider while choosing the right Softswitch service provider.

How to choose the Softswitch for your business?

  • The VOIP softswitch service provider needs to be well-known in the VOIP industry for its quality products and rates.
  • The support and maintenance offered by them should be outstanding in order to retain their long term customers.

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