Top 7 Industries Capitalizing on Call Center Software admin September 21, 2017
Top 7 Industries Capitalizing on Call Center Software
Top 7 Industries Capitalizing on Call Center Software

Top 7 Industries Capitalizing on Call Center Software

Customer care is the new sales engine for companies now. Coming out of the shadows which harped on the three factors—lowering labor cost, optimizing service, and achieving the right mix of offshoring, customer care has now taken the driver’s seat.  Discerning customers favors companies showing that they truly “care”, giving them a competitive edge. There are top industries capitalizing on call center software for better business operations. The digital medium of communication is probably the biggest catalyst to bring customers closer to companies. Now they voice their concerns on social media, which sees an outpouring of sentiments from other customers too. Within minutes a company’s reputation receives blows.

The world of business is moving towards agility, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are adopting transformation strategies to catch up with the changing customer expectations. The gatekeeper of customer service is often the call center system in an organization. A global survey by Deloitte highlights the trend in investment for call and contact centers. A majority (85%) of leaders in the industry think customer experience will drive future investments with a focus on improving service.

global survey by Deloitte on call center

A Global Survey by Deloitte on call center


Ushering in the change in customer service

Most of industries have made advances to make long-term changes in their call center operations by upgrading to internet-based or (VoIP) call center software.  The VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) infrastructure offers an easy and cost-effective channel for call center software for small and large businesses.  The no-hassle deployment over the cloud also makes VoIP the best call center software. Nearly all sectors are moving towards lean call center technologies, however, some need it for more than others. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an industry that focuses both on internal processes and customer communication in a company. Call center agents to manage the phone support of the company, both inbound and outbound processes. The immediacy of a phone conversation with a human builds trust between a customer and the service agent.

In an outbound call center,  the agents need to sell the services in a time-bound manner. Whereas inbound, agents are required to assimilate all the information regarding the past interaction—fetch and maintain the customer data in the CRM, call history, and call recording among others to improve the customer experience. This makes Outbound Call Center Software inevitable for the BPO industry.

2. Healthcare

A digital and high-tech customer interaction model can help to increase revenue and gain market share in the competitive healthcare market. Today customer service is the biggest differentiator for all the market players. For the healthcare industry, a call center offers the advantage of providing a centralized system for a distributed network. Several healthcare companies have a large presence with hospitals located at several places, physician practices, diagnostic clinics, etc. Other than clinical interaction, other communication also takes place. 

Each interaction matters as patients place immense faith in their healthcare professionals. A patient, when diagnosed with any small infection to any major disease, expects personalized care. So, when the hospital staff offers him personalized services through multiple communication channels, he feels valued.

Most healthcare players now use call center technology in order to offer better customer service to their patients. Patients can choose their preference of communication, appointment notifications, billing details, etc. for intimation by mail or phone.  With narrowing operating costs, increasing competition, and thin margins, patient service and care will remain critical factors with call centers playing a pivotal role in relaying messages and keeping a direct channel of communication open.

3. Automotive

With the call center software, automobile companies can unlock operational value. Customers are most likely to come back to the companies that offer post-sales services like vehicle maintenance from time to time, selling spare parts, etc. So, contact center software helps with everything from calling the customer for their maintenance service, offering them specialized discounts on spare parts, wishing customers on their special days, and many more.

4. Telecommunication

The telecom industry is marred by stiff competition as low prices and internet services have become a trend. To stay a step ahead of its competitors the only differentiating factor is customer service. Else, customers do not hesitate to change their operators as the supply is aplenty. 

Customers often enquire about service outages, bills, etc as the phone is essential nowadays. With such rampant use and huge customer bases, phone companies receive thousands of incoming calls per day. A call center software streamlines tasks and is vital to handle call volumes.

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5. Banking & Financial Services

Banking and financial services are always crucial in today’s world. Everyone now has a banking relationship with his preferred banking services provider.  The banking and financial industry makes the best use of call center software for the management and maintenance of loan offerings, policy inquiries regarding various taxes, government rules and updates, among others. 

Automation through call center software helps make banking and financial services accessible and faster. The service agents are also assured of their communication with the ready-to-access information available at their fingertips while interacting with the customers. Important in-built tools such as call recording, and conversation history have also become important as banks can refer to them and store them for the future.

6. Restaurants and Food Services

Restaurants and the food service industry today operate at a large scale. To improve the customer experience, it is a must for them to stand up to a level where it is easy for the customers to reach the restaurants and share their feedback, complaints, suggestions, etc. This holds high significance now as customers go social to voice their opinion. 

The call center software can store the customer data who visit regularly and shares their feedback with the restaurant owners to make corrective decisions to win the competition through offering great customer service.

7. Travel and Transportation

Like the restaurants and food services industry, the travel and transportation industry can only stay competitive with their customer service.  Call center software is widely utilized by this industry. The contact center software makes many tasks simple and quick such as offering travel deals, solving traveler issues, flight bookings, cancellations, typo errors in flight tickets, etc.  

These are the top 7 industries that have already taken the leap. They are the largest users of call center software to win customers and stand out of the tight competition.

A call center can help you increase your market share by helping you find product differentiators and discerning from the competition. This is an edge you cannot let go of in today’s customer experience-centric world. Check out HoduSoft’s easy-to-deploy call center solutions for all sizes of business. We can help you take your service levels higher by simple automation at unmatched value.

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