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10 Customer Service Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many businesses operating at the threshold or push their limitations to overcome the unforeseen and avoid the major customer service mistakes. In the ‘next to normal’ phase that is unfolding with the rapid vaccination world over, customer expectation from brands is likely to change completely. Customers are rethinking their decisions and choices, marking quick shifts in loyalties. Consider the fact that 60% of consumers in the US are thinking of integrating the new brands and stores in their post-Covid purchases. 

As customers chart a different path, customer service leaders need to take proactive action to keep pace with the change. In a span of three months, the e-commerce sector has witnessed ten years of growth. The baton of customer service has passed to the customer service agents in call centers. Call center management software and call center customer service are gaining ground. Customer service agents have become the keeper of service. 

Customer Call Centers: The new center of focus for CX

Business leaders are grappling with new customer realities. Only 15% of them are satisfied with customer experience (CX) scores measured by their companies, as per  McKinsey survey findings.  And just 6% of the customer service leaders are confident that their measurement system enables both strategic and tactical decision making. Even though 93% of the respondents confirmed using survey based metrics to measure CX, the level of uncertainty stays high. 

This is the reason why investment in digital technologies and automation along with skilling and measuring the performance of customer service agents are taking precedence over other tasks. Customer service call center software for small business and big companies are being touted widely now. Around 79% of leaders plan to invest in greater AI capabilities in the next two years for customer service, according to Deloitte. At the end of 2020, only 32% of surveyed organizations were running contact center technologies in the cloud; now, 75% expect to make the move within the next two years

Customer service mistakes are costly mistakes. About 73% of consumers will abandon a brand after three or fewer negative customer service experiences, as per a recent Coveo report Customer service call center software can help you avoid these mistakes. We have put together a list of fixes to get your customer service right. Take a look. 

Not Measuring the Performance of the Agents

The first and foremost customer service mistake is to skip measuring the performance of the call center agents. Without data and analytics it is impossible to reach any conclusion:

  • Whether you’ve hired the right people
  • Whether they are serving your customers properly
  • Whether the communication needs improvisations
  • Are your customers satisfied with the services offered by your call center agents?
How to fix it?

Anything that is backed by data can help make better decisions. Thus, what you need is a customer service call center software that offers real time data analytics and reporting. This will help you keep a close eye on the performance of your agent’s communication.

Not listening carefully

Often customer service agents are exhausted with call volume and in the rush to wrap up calls they may miss certain important nuggets of information. This leads to inconsistent customer service, leaving a disgruntled customer. Even though the issue may be resolved, the customer may not value the service. 

How to fix it?

It’s pretty simple. Give a patient ear to customers, even if you have many calls to wrap up. Remember, a single instance of great customer service will create many more opportunities for buy or conversion.  

Ignoring Latest Communication Channels

Phone calls are not the only communication channel that is available for customer service. Most smaller companies feel that it takes a lot of investment to include other communication channels for improving the customer experience.  Apparently, it is not. 

How to fix it?

There are many communication channels available that can be utilized without even thinking of investments like,

  • Chatbots – this feature can be created by your web developer
  • Social media channels – these social media channels are FREE and you only need one person from your team to stay online and answer the queries of your customers online

These are just a few examples of different communication channels and can be helpful because your customers don’t have to wait while transferring the call.

Ask the right questions, utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When you have the right information at your disposal you can pose the right questions. Are you still using notebooks, notepads, MS Excel sheets to manually record the customer data? If yes, you are missing out on the opportunity to offer great customer service with CRM integration.

How to fix it?

CRMs are available for both large as well as smaller organizations. You can integrate your call center software with CRM and multiply benefits. 

Skipping the Team Training for Improvements and avoid customer service mistakes

One of the customer service mistakes is hiring customer service executives and not providing them training from time to time.

Customer service agents are too occupied in answering the customer calls that they do not have enough time to check previous customer queries and explore for improvements. 

How to fix it?

For various types of customer queries, you need to organize training sessions or group discussions to share experience and guide the service agents. Discussing the customer history and common customer issues and help pave the way for quick resolutions.

Failing to Build a relationship with the customer

Most of the time call center agents do not get enough time to have meaningful conversations and build relationships with customers. The focus is on winding customer calls and gathering feedback. This is a costly mistake that can hinder customer service success.

How to fix it?

What the team can do is schedule the calls at regular intervals in order to just gather customer feedback on their last resolved issues, current issues (if they have any) and ask them about how they found your customer service.

Being too focused on RoI and operations

The ROI of customer service is not calculated or data-driven. Because every time the ROI may differ based on the reviews received, tool upgrades, staff hiring, etc. Many companies do not view investing in customer service as a wise decision as there is no fixed ROI attached. 

How to fix it?

Companies should focus on building relationships with the customer. Try to look at the bigger picture by improving the customer retention and satisfaction ratios. Your CX will yield returns and RoI will get better on its own.

Failing to Choose the Right Call Center Software

Most companies have this notion that every call center software is a tool that offers only the calling options like call transfers, recording, scheduling, etc. However, contact center software and call center software, both have come a long way. They are now omnichannel and feature-packed, offering much more.  

How to fix it?

You need to carefully choose the call center software that not only offers exclusive calling features but also has CRM integrations, real-time analytics, and reports, automated call routing during heavy call traffic, etc. So, look for the best call center software rather than the run-of-the-mill ones.

Failure to present product value

As a thumb rule, you should know your company’s product in and out. The service agent should be able to confidently take the customer through each product feature and how it adds value, rather than just information on price and availability.  

How to fix it?

 In addition, a handbook of the products or a product guide should be on the desk of every customer service agent. 

Failure to ask for the sale

 Here you have it, the representative should not hesitate to put a direct question on sale. He should not wait for the customer to ponder, but make efforts to direct him to the sales funnel. 

How to fix it?

Every agent interacting with customers should have a ready sales pitch or a set of closed questions to get an affirmative response from the customer.  This saves unnecessary time spent on chasing customers which may ultimately not convert into sales. 

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