Call Center Customer Service needs a major attention these days in order to survive in this most competitive world. If you won’t listen to your customers, your competitors will.

The customer experience is the next competitive battleground – Truly said by Jerry Gregoire.

And, if you make mistakes in offering the customer service, you are going to suffer loss big time. But, do you even know what can be the customer service mistakes?

Let’s go through them one by one and also how you can fix them too:

customer service mistakes

1.  Not Measuring the Performance of the Agents

The first and the foremost customer service mistake is to skip to measure the performance of the call center agents. Without the data and analytics, it is impossible to reach to any conclusion:

  • Whether you’ve hired the right people
  • Whether they are serving your customers exclusively
  • Whether the communication needs upgradations or improvisations
  • Are your customers satisfied with the services offered by your call center agents?

How to fix?

Anything that is backed by data can help make better decisions. Thus, what you need is a contact center software that offers real time data analytics and reporting. This kind of software helps you to keep a close eye on the performance of your agent’s communication in great detail.

2.  Indulging into False Commitments

Fear to lose the high valued customer, the call center agents tend to make false commitments to offer what your customers expect from you and your organization. This is the biggest customer service mistake your team makes.

When the customer issues are addressed, before understanding it properly and without assessing its possibilities of their solutions, the call center agents make the commitments to get it resolved within a specified time period. And, when that is not done, the customers get frustrated with your services which leads to loss of customer with bad reviews. This affects the success of your business to a great extent.

How to fix?

You need to train your team in a way to have open and clear communication with the customers. If there’s something your agents are unaware of or needs to discuss with you or other team members, they should clearly communicate this well with the customers that they will get back to them once they have enough information on the issues. But, this should be their first priority as the customers having critical issues can’t wait for longer period. Thus, they need to be answered for their queries ASAP.

3.  Ignoring Latest Communication Channels

Telephone calling is not the only communication channel that is available for customer service. Most smaller companies feel that it takes a lot of investment to include other communication channels for improving the customer experience. But, this is their mistake to not include the most effective ways of communication.

How to fix?

There are many communication channels available that can be utilized without even thinking of investments like,

  • Chatbots – this feature can be created by your own web developer
  • Social media channels – these social media channels are FREE and you only need one person from your team to stay online and answer the queries of your customers online

These are just a few examples of different communication channels and these can be helpful because your customers don’t have to wait while call transferring and wait times.

4.  Not Utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Are you still using notebooks, notepads, MS Excel sheets to manually record the customer data? If yes, you are missing out the amazing opportunity to offer great customer service.

According to a research by Capterra in 2015, CRM software had the biggest impact on customer retention rates and customer satisfaction rates. So, you are making a mistake if you are not utilizing the customer relationship management software.

How to fix?

CRMs are available for both large as well as smaller organizations. For smaller companies, online CRMs are available that can be utilized. In fact, their free trial versions can be of great use. For larger companies, you need to customize it to your business and customer needs.

5.  Giving Company Policies More Importance than the Customers

“Sir, this is our company policy and we cannot help you with this in any manner.” Have you ever said this thing to your customer? That’s very bad! – This is an example of crucial customer service mistake.

Who will buy from you if you have value for your company policies and not for your customers? Your business is highly dependent on your customers. If you don’t have any customer, you need to shut down your business right away.

How to fix?

Stop making this mistake of giving more importance or value to your company policies. The customer is the only person to be given extreme importance. So, always keep in mind that bending a few company policies won’t affect your business success, but, your customers will.

6.  Indulging into Random Team Hiring

There are too many customers and you need to hire somebody to take care of them. And, you started hiring people in your customer service department.

So, you keep strict deadlines with your HRs when it comes to hiring. So, whosoever the HR brings in, you try to close the requirements ASAP without even understanding the skills, qualities and experience required for a customer service executive. This is also one of the customer service mistakes, you might be making.

How to fix?

Rather than hiring too many people at a stretch, it is advisable to find a few such people who are extremely good at serving customers. You can check out the communication skills, include them in the practical calling tests, etc. This will help you to hire only the right person with the excellent customer service qualities.

7.  Skipping the Team Trainings for Improvements

One of the customer service mistakes is to hire the customer service executives and not providing them trainings from time to time.

Customer service agents are too occupied in answering to the customer calls, that they hardly get enough time to check out the previous customer queries and explore various improvements to be made. So, if you are failing to provide enough trainings to your team, they will hardly upgrade their skills.

How to fix?

For various types of customer queries, you need to organize various training sessions or discussion groups where you and other customer service executive can share their experiences, customer history and can discuss the common customer issues and their solutions.

8.  Failing to Focus on Gathering Regular Customer Feedback

Most of the time, call center agents don’t get enough time to call the customers for gathering feedback. In fact, they don’t focus on calling the customers for just discussing the reviews they have for your organization. This is a mistake that can hinder the customer service success.

How to fix?

What the team can do is schedule the calls at regular intervals in order to just gather customer feedback on their last resolved issues, current issues (if they have any) and ask them about how they found your customer service.

9.  Not Focusing on Improving the ROI of the Customer Service

The ROI of customer service is not calculative or data-driven. Because every time the ROI may differ based on the reviews received, tool upgradations, staff hiring, etc. Thus, most companies think towards not investing in improving the customer service just because it only has the expenses and no fixed ROI attached to it. Well, if you are one of those companies, you are making a real mistake.

How to fix?

For measuring the perfect ROI for your customer service, here is a step-by-step guide. But, if you are a small company and not looking to invest time to calculate the ROI, that look at the bigger picture by improving the customer retention and satisfaction ratios.

10.  Failing to Choose the Right Call Center Software

This is a must to discuss. Most companies have this notion that every call center software is a tool that offers only the calling options like call transfers, recording, scheduling, etc. But, if you think the same way, you are making one of the biggest mistakes.

How to fix?

You need to carefully choose the call center software that not only offers exclusive calling features but also have CRM integrations, real-time analytics and reports, automated call routing during heavy call traffic, etc. So, look for the best call center solution rather just wasting your time and money behind the basic ones.

choose the call center software

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