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6 Ways to Build Customer Trust in a Digital Era

“Building customer trust is likely to double your ROI”.

In this digital era, it is becoming difficult for an organization to keep up with the increasing demand of the customer service. But, customer service is the only key to generate more business.

Excellent customer service  is the key to build high value customer trust. Customers that trust our brand are more like to appreciate our products or services which can help us generate more business. We have been focusing on customer service since a long time now and let’s understand the most important 7 ways to build customer trust in this digital era.

1.  Keep communication transparent

In today’s world, people believe that to retain the customer trust, they can easily lie to customers and win their trust for a certain amount of time. But, they don’t understand that lying to the customers are going to harm their business in the long run.

Due to this, 56% of customers just want the right answer, but 64% of customers do not trust the information from Customer Experience. Looking at these stats, we must ensure that only the right information needs to be passed on to the customer to gain their trust and business for a longer period of time.

2.  Always update your brand presence

The most effective medium from where the customers interact with us is the online brand presence through various channels like website, mobile app, emails, chatbots, social media sites, etc. All these mediums needs to be very up-to-date in terms of any business information, Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) details, accurate contact emails, up-to-date brand news, etc.

We must also look for all these mediums for any spelling mistakes, outdated content, 404 Not Found pages, inaccurately linking across the entire website, etc. When a business has accurate information available across the Internet, more likely are the chances for a customer to contact you directly which makes them the highly qualified leads. This is proved by a fact that 93% use the internet for research before making a purchase .

3.  Never compromise on customers’ data security

The most crucial part in building the customer trust is to secure their private or professional data within your organization. The customer data can be anything from a password to their personal or business email address, etc. Whether your organization has the policy to share the customer data to any 3rd party vendor, you should all mention it on your website and also share it when you make any agreement with them.

Also, data security also comes to protecting the customer passwords, their credit card details if there’s any online purchasing available, etc. Also, if you have the login systems in place, it is always recommended to keep the security checkups at regular intervals. This will not only make your customer login details secure, but, will also increase their trust for your organization.

4.  Keep your marketing strategy, customer-centric

In this digital era, marketing is becoming competitive day by day. If, at any point of marketing funnel, our customers feel that they are being over targeted for our marketing purposes, we are likely to lose our customer’s trust and even their business.

If we have plans of integrating email marketing campaigns, we need to understand that our customers are facing numerous spam or promotional emails in every 1 hour. In order to stand out of those promotional emails, we need to connect with our customer personally (not professionally) via emails. This will not only make our emails, personalized, but, will also help in strengthening our customer’s trust.

In fact, there are times when our customers might not want to see our emails in their inbox. So, it is our responsibility to keep an option to unsubscribe from any of our promotional marketing channels. This means we are placing customer-first approach in our marketing campaigns.

5.  Offer great customer service consistently

The most important way to build the customer trust is to offer them extraordinary customer service, consistently. We hear a lot and there are too many facts on why you can lose customers. Each and every customer is trying your product/service or organization in search of excellent customer service each time they communicate with you. If the customer service remains awesome each time, you are more likely to get more business from them and their peers as well.

As per the fact, 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent. Here, you can utilize the best contact center software like HoduCC- Call Center Software and reduce this waiting period of your customers to almost 0%.

So, consistency in offering great customer service is what you need to focus on building customer trust in this digital era.

6.  Invite customers for their feedback

Customer feedback can prove to be a cherry on the top to plan & attain more business. To understand what your product or service lacks, the best person to contact is your customer. Your customer can very well explain about the pros and cons of your products or services in great detail. So, it is a very good way to build customer trust by inviting them to review your products/services, especially your customer service. This helps you focus on the critical portions of your business and improve.

Have you ever experienced on any of these above that has helped you achieve the customer trust? Is there any other way that we might have missed here? Do share in the comment section below.

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