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Smart Use of Auto Dialer Software For Improved Productivity

The days of the dumb auto dialer are over for a long. These days, if you operate call centers or have in-house contact center software you are likely to use an auto dialer. Most businesses are already using VoIP auto dialer software built into the contact center software. Today you have artificial intelligence endowed contact center software solutions with smart configurable VoIP auto dialer software. The smart use of the intelligent auto dialer helps increase productivity as well as brand value.

Why invest in auto dialers?

A robust omnichannel contact center strategy incorporates the right tools and technology to allow proactive communication. Auto dialers are undoubtedly the most effective innovations that have transformed the way businesses manage their processes. Contact center agents usually have to deal with a lot of manual tasks. They need to dial the numbers manually which not only consumes a lot of time but also affects their productivity. Many times, they left with unanswered calls. 

However, with the implementation of an auto dialer such as a predictive auto dialer, agents can overcome all these challenges. The interesting thing about automated dialers is that using an auto dialer can help increase the talk times of agents by 200–300%. The software is designed to boost agents’ efficiency and reduce the time that they spend on unanswered or unnecessary calls. Predictive dialer automatic software is one of the key auto dialers that can automatically dial multiple numbers from the customers’ contact list. It filters out unproductive calls like busy phone signals, no response, calls directed to voicemail, disconnected calls, and others. This saves a lot of time for the agents and they can utilize this time on other important tasks to improve their productivity. If we talk about the stats related to predictive dialer software then the global predictive dialer software market size was USD 1.03 billion in 2020. This number is likely to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 37.0% from 2021 to 2028.

How to configure the smart features of automated dialer software?

The usual way is to feed a list of numbers for the auto-dialer to dial. However, intelligent systems can help you do more to enhance productivity. This is what you can do:

  • Select a list of numbers to be called and then categorize them into groups. The AI part of the dialer selects priority or you can assign priority to improve the chances of conversion.
  • Go a bit further and configure the system to set rules for events that trigger dialing. Intelligent dialers learn from patterns as to when a conversation is likely to end and automatically dial the next number. The agent can attend without a waste of time.
  • Once you select groups based on a set of parameters it becomes easier to set the time for calls. It is advisable to set the calls based on the region and convenience of prospective targets. 
  • Define customer state, which is another way of saying just how important they are. Important ones receive priority attention thereby increasing the chances of a sale.
  • Set the call around time. It works in a way that when a number is found to be busy it is redialed only after a specified time.
  • Set the system in a manner that the dialer doesn’t connect when an agent is still on a call. That way you can avoid issues of silent calls.

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Importance of Intelligent Analytics

Even AI-powered automated dialer software needs guidance to give you the best service. You input commands and these decisions flow from analytics of past patterns. Moreover, AI-based analytics helps you identify customers and their behaviors as well as preferences. Besides, you avoid making nuisance calls that not only waste time but have the potential for customer churn. 

It is important to note that analytics does not stop at analyzing customers. Agents also matter and the system dissects their performance, skill sets, and competence in handling various issues. Based on the data, the system then recommends a match for agents with customer lists. As a result, it helps in increasing the chances of resolution and closing. Additionally, there is another side and that is the cost of calls. Here, the use of intelligent auto dialer software can work wonders by maximizing customer connections.

Wrapping up:

The dumb auto dialer gave way to auto dialer software. Here again, you can choose routine software or one with intelligence bred into its genes. HoduSoft offers smart and intelligent auto dialer software that can help you optimize productivity, reduce stress on agents, and maximize revenues. Whether it is predictive dialer automatic software, progressive dialer, Robo dialer, or any other auto dialer software, HoduSoft has everything. Make the auto dialer a part of your omnichannel contact center software and you will surely notice the difference.

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