Full-featured IP PBX Software for Hospitality Industry Improves Collaboration and Guest Satisfaction admin November 29, 2019
Full-featured IP PBX Software for Hospitality Industry Improves Collaboration and Guest Satisfaction
IP PBX Software

Full-featured IP PBX Software for Hospitality Industry Improves Collaboration and Guest Satisfaction

Think of hospitality and what you see is a mix of services. You have hotels at the core with ancillary services like travel and catering plus support services required in the hotel on the one side. Then there are agents sitting in the middle to serve customers even as they liaise with hotels, airlines, railways, buses and taxi operators. Customers are on the other side and they require immediate attention to whatever their current needs may be – from acquiring knowledge to the final checkout and payment and everything in between. Communication is the crux and IP PBX software is the pivot around which communication revolves.

Unified communication

It is not sufficient for IP PBX solutions to simply limit service to voice. These days it is all about unified communication as a key to exquisite customer experience. A typical journey may start on a social channel and then switch lanes to voice, email and video chat. It may just as well start with an IVR and then progress to voice call followed by video and then email confirmation and text message. Whatever path the customer chooses, it must be easy to follow. The right IP PBX solution for hospitality, therefore, needs to be all-encompassing and unified. Hodusoft’s  IP PBX system incorporates IVR, WebRTC for audio-video chat and conference, email, fax, social media and, of course, a solid foundation of VoIP voice. The fully-rounded system not only makes it easy for clients to find information and initiate action but it also makes collaboration between service teams easy. There are no glitches since anyone and everyone in the loop can connect with guests as well as responsible employees anywhere in the chain of service.

Outstanding IP PBX features

  • Call routing: Whether it is a client who initiates a call or an employee or agent, the call routing feature of the IP PBX system transfers the call across various locations and to the right person within seconds.

  • Hotels can incorporate CRM with property management system and this feature proves invaluable when a hotel has a chain across various geographic locations. All branches fall under a common stack but with a distinctive identity. Staff can communicate with each other and so can guests. With PMS it is easy to assign an extension to each guest, set the call accounting and then close the account when the guest checks out.

  • Conferencing: Agents and customers can make use of the audio-video conferencing feature during which agents can show a video within video of the hotel room in which the customer is interested. Staff members can collaborate and update themselves with conferencing or get together to resolve any issue.

  • Barge in and monitoring: Managers may listen in to calls and barge in if required in order to smooth things over with guests or to provide information to callers. Calls are easily monitored and recorded for review.

  • Mobility: key personnel need never lose contact. Mobility inclusion permits full access to the IP PBX and CRM and such personnel can communicate with other personnel or with customers even when they are not in office. Issues do not have to be kept waiting for resolution. The findme/followme feature works great in this and other scenarios.

The key to success and customer satisfaction in the hospitality segment is excellent communication through any channel and at any time using any device. Hodusoft’s IP PBX is comprehensive, unified and hosted so you can have it set up and start using it in less than a day.

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