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How Sales Teams Close More Deals With Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing trends are ruling in the following three areas:

  • Personal social conference calls
  • Personal video call interviews
  • Business & sales calls

Sales is an important factor of a business as its success is more or less dependent on the sales figures. When you plan your sales funnel, you always need to improve the sales tricks in order to get more conversions. New technologies and tools are to be involved in order to improve the sales process.

Do you know video conferencing plays a vital role in improving the sales conversions?

Yes, your sales team can close more deals and achieve greater sales figures with the help of video conferencing. Let’s discuss in detail that how it is possible:

1. Involve Face to Face Conversations

Whenever a credit card salesperson calls you on your private number, how much are the chances that you will entertain him over the phone? The least, right? It is very much difficult to sell things without having an in-person i.e. face-to-face communication.

The most important benefit the sales team have from video conferencing is a face-to-face conversation. Following are the things your sales team can offer and achieve through a video conferencing sales call:

  • Explain in detail about your products or services
  • Understand how the prospects are responding to the benefits & the working of your products/services
  • Understand whether the prospects have shown any interest in purchasing or further evaluating their products/services

Based on all the above evaluations, your sales team can come to a conclusion and can also have a discussion over negotiation face to face. Well, negotiation always work great when our sales guys meet the prospects face to face.

2. Offer Product/Service Presentations

Well, if somebody asks you to purchase a pair of shoes from Amazon without its images available, would you consider it to purchase? Obviously not. Customers get a feel of the product when they actually see a visual representation of the same.

Thus, visual representation of the products/services plays a crucial role when pitching the prospects. Your sales team can organize a video conferencing call where they will share the presentations prepared with the understanding of your products/services. The sales people can easily clear their doubts there and then and give more clarifications on your complete production and delivery process. A complete understanding will help your prospects to take decisions faster and enhance their trust in your business.

3. Stream a Live Product/Service Demo

Nowadays, the working of a particular product or the execution of a service needs to be well demonstrated at the prospect’s end. What you can do with video conferencing is, you can organize a live demo of your products/services.

By streaming this live demo via video conferencing, the multiple teams of your prospects from multiple locations can join the demo virtually. This will help the decision makers across various locations to better understand your products/services. This will reduce the time and efforts to demonstrate these things repeatedly. Hence, it will double the chances to close the deals.

4. Outreach instantly

Sometimes, it is possible that while evaluating your products/services, your prospects might encounter a few doubts. For all these doubts, your other teams like technical or legal along with your sales representatives can be present for their quick responses via video conferencing. This will help you gain their trust in a way that you will always be prepared to answer all their queries at any moment of time. Again, it increases the probability to get conversions.

5. Communicate regularly and flexibly

With video conferencing, though your sales team does not require to travel to your prospect’s office, it is possible to communicate with them on a regular basis. Also, the flexibilities of your prospects as well as your sales team can be maintained to organize the meetings.

6. Train your customers with lower costs

As discussed earlier, you can demonstrate the working of your products through video conferencing. Thus, it is easy to train your customers easily without incurring the traveling costs.

7. Improve productivity & engagement

Now that the traveling is reduced to a great extent, your sales team can more focus on new prospects and building effective engagement between them. Also, they can easily balance their work and personal life. Thus, it increases their productivity and boosts their morale to work with your organization.

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8. Utilize your video conferencing materials

Once you conduct a valuable and informative video conferencing call, you can re-use those videos to gain more visitors and prospects. You can create thought-leadership articles, slides, infographics, informative videos, etc. as a repurposed content through those video conferencing calls. This will further help your sales team to send these materials in their sales pitches to your new prospects.

HoduConf is a feature-rich web video conferencing software that can help your sales team to close more deals with all the above benefits. Check out a free demo here.

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