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How to Choose Best Call Center Dialer

A Brief Guide How to Choose Best Call Center Dialer

A dialer for the call center is an application or system that automates the entire process of outbound and inbound calls. The system automatically dials the phone numbers based on the predefined list of contacts on behalf of the call center agents. As soon as the call is answered, the system either transfers the call to the available agent or connects it to IVR. The automated dialer system is a great tool for call/contact centers to boost their efficiency, save time, perform productive calling, and provide enhanced customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important areas that businesses need to focus on in order to survive in today’s competitive world. It is important to find out the right ways or tools that can help businesses in providing the right customer service. Implementing the right call center dialer solution for the business is a great idea to enhance customer satisfaction to a great extent. Now the question is how to decide which call center dialer system is the best for your business? Well, below is the list of different types of popular dialers available in the market.

Types of Call Center Dialers

Below mentioned are some of the most popular Call Center Software that can help to empower customer experience and agents’ productivity. Have a look:

1. Auto Dialer

Auto dialer, sometimes also called Power Dialer is a kind of outbound call center software that helps to dial out a set of phone numbers automatically. Based on the flow of calls, this dialer system can perform various tasks such as play a greeting message, ask for an IVR input, and much more. Moreover, based on the defined conditions, the calls can be routed easily to the right agents.


Some of the key features of an auto dialer system include:

  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • CRM integration
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call scheduling
  • Live call monitoring
  • Dashboard management


Auto dialer solution provides a simplified and scalable approach for the outbound calling system. Some of the key benefits of an auto dialer system are:

  • Better operational efficiency
  • Enhanced lead generation ratio
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduced workforce

2. Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer, also known as a robo-dialer is an advanced outbound auto dialing system that automatically dials the number from a list of contacts available in the system. This intelligent system can easily detect and filter-out busy tones, voice mail, no signal, and disconnected calls. It only transfers the call to the agent once the call is answered by a live customer. This dialer system is smart enough to predict the average call answer time and agent availability, and on the basis of this prediction, the dialer dials the number on the agent’s behalf.


Some of the key features of a predictive dialer system include:

  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection)
  • Voice recording
  • CRM integration
  • Real-time analytics
  • Campaign management
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Custom reports generation


A predictive dialer helps agents to spend their time in productive conversation instead of wasting time in placing unnecessary calls. Some of the key benefits of this dialer system are:

  • Increased call connect ratio
  • Contextual reach out
  • Multiple dialing modes
  • Improved agents efficiency

3. Preview Dialer

Preview dialer is another efficient auto call center software system that allows call center agents to review their customer’s details before approaching them. This automatic dialer system enables agents to go through all the important details about the customers before initiating the call. This allows agents to serve their potential customers in a better manner.


Some of the key features of the preview dialer system include:

  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection)
  • CRM integration
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Agent scripting
  • Do Not Call (DNC) filtering
  • Contact history


A preview dialer can be the best option where the agents have to deal with sensitive calls like sending reminders, scheduling appointments, etc. Some of the key benefits of preview dialer system include:

  • One-click dialing
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Enhanced agent’s performance

4. Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer is a perfect tool to reduce call abandonment rate and downtime. It helps to enhance the agents’ productivity and conversion rates. As soon as an agent is available to take the next call, the system first makes a call to the agent and then dials to the customer. This makes customer outreach a flawless process for the agents. Progressive Dialer is the best option for call centers where the agents have to deal with a huge volume of mixed traffic.

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Some of the key features of a progressive dialer system include:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Callback
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Call disposition
  • CRM integration
  • Agent scripting
  • Answer Machine Detection (AMD)
  • Automatic voicemail


A progressive dialer reduces the wasted time between calls by automatically dialing a number from a call list. Some of the key benefits of this dialer include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better agent’s productivity
  • Higher contact rates
  • Increased ROI
  • Reduced missed calls

With so many different types of Call Center Software available in the market, businesses can opt for the one that best meets their business requirements. By comparing the different types of dialer systems along with the key purpose that they serve, businesses can make the right choice.


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