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on-premise ip pbx: needs and benefits for business communications

On-Premise IP PBX: Needs and Benefits for Business Communications

The shift from on-premise PBX to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been significant in recent years. Over 60% of businesses moved from on-premise to VoIP solutions. While on-premise PBX systems may have once been the standard for business communication, technological advancements have brought more effective and cost-efficient alternatives.

In this guide, we delve deep into understanding on-premise IP PBX solutions and also discuss their various advantages.

What is on-premise IP PBX?

An on-premise IP PBX is a telecommunication solution that uses IP routing technology to deliver voice connectivity within a building's desk phones. VoIP software facilitates seamless inbound and outbound calls.

Businesses aren’t required to set up any hardware at a physical location for an on-premise IP PBX, as the system operations are managed and controlled by the VoIP service provider. 

Businesses that use on-premise IP PBX solutions just pay for internet service, as opposed to paying for separate phone and internet services. When businesses employ on-premises IP PBX, phone conversations are also hosted locally, giving them more flexibility for calls and conferencing.

At the core, on-premise IP PBX uses Session Initiation Protocol(SIP). This protocol is a standard for VoIP phone systems. It supports multiple voice channels for smooth B2B and B2C interactions.

Why is on-premise IP PBX needed for business communication?

On-Premise IP PBX helps businesses to enhance their  productivity and efficiency and eliminates the use of legacy PBX equipment used in traditional phone systems. On-premise IP PBX comes loaded with a plethora of advanced features to suit the communication and collaboration needs of businesses in the present landscape. 

On-premise IP PBX Software are inbuilt with several cutting-edge features that enhance the functionalities of the business’s internal call center. It can carry out both internal communication and outward telephony via SIP trunking. The features like call routing, DID support, call parking, and more boost agents’ performance, whereas callback options and call queue management also improve the customer service experience. The other core features that make on-premise IP PBX a worthwhile investment for modern-day business enterprises are:

  • WebRTC: It facilitates real-time interaction between team members, which narrows the communication gaps between them.
  • Data analytics and reporting: IP PBX delivers business metrics, such as KPIs, AHT, and CSAT, to monitor and examine their agent’s performance and customer experience. Analyzing these metrics allows businesses to make data-driven decisions crucial to their growth. 
  • Conference call: Using IP PBX solutions, team members can easily connect on a single platform(such as voice or video call). Thus, it facilitates team collaboration when necessary.
  • Call monitoring: IP PBX enables real-time call monitoring features. It enables managers to check agents’ performance and intervene when they fail to perform tasks correctly. 
  • Call transfer: This feature helps instantly redirect the call when it goes to the wrong department.

Apart from the features that IP PBX brings to the mix, there are many other reasons which make it relevant in the modern-day context. Let’s walk through them one by one.

Remote Accessibility

The pandemic made businesses adopt remote working practices on a massive scale. With the traditional on-premise PBX system, remote working wasn’t possible, but with on-premise IP PBX, home working becomes much more accessible. As there isn’t any load of complicated hardware, agents need to set up the software across their devices. This way, they can easily handle all sorts of business and customer communications regardless of time and location. 

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IP PBX also provides an easy-to-use and more manageable platform for employees. Since it is managed through a web-based dashboard, even a person with limited technical know-how can easily maintain, customize and fine-tune its operations according to the business needs. 

Maximizes Uptime

Most VoIP service providers collaborate with leading telecom companies to build enterprise-grade data centers. An IP PBX solution allows a business to host its data on these data centers, resulting in faster response times for communication operations. In addition, the provider’s backup server ensures business continuity in the event of a disruption in communication operations, maximizing uptime and maintaining service quality. 

Robust security

On-premise IP PBX solutions are more secure in comparison to traditional IP PBXs. The data is protected on cloud servers with multiple levels of failover technologies, physical and biometric protection, encryption, system hardening, and round-the-clock monitoring. Thus, in case of unanticipated circumstances such as a data breach, power outage, or a natural disaster, the call operations can seamlessly continue without interruptions. Moreover, the IP PBX Software is integrated with the application platform. This enables agents to manage communication operations using cellular voice and data networks even with low internet service quality.

Advantages of an On-Premise IP PBX Solution

On-premise IP PBX serves as an effective tool in business communications management. It reduces the significant amount of time spent on troubleshooting devices. Some other l benefits of an on-premise IP PBX solution are:

  • Low-Cost Model

Unlike traditional PBX systems, on-premise IP PBX systems don’t require expensive hardware and configuration. Therefore, its initial setup is affordable for businesses. Since in on-premise IP PBX, the main asset is the software itself, businesses don’t need to pay maintenance charges to service providers. The call expenses are significantly decreased compared to regular phone bills due to its subscription-based model offering unlimited calling. Thus, an on-premise IP PBX is the best cost-efficient alternative over traditional PBX systems. 

  • Enhanced management

The on-premise IP PBX solution allows for excellent control over who can access, oversee, or alter different segments of the business operations. It assists the admin in handling the rights and permissions by assigning roles to different users. Thus, it enables different levels of administration to boost efficiency in a well-integrated system.

  • Scalability

Businesses can immediately set up new users in an on-premise IP PBX system. With only a few clicks or just contacting the service provider, they can quickly minimize or increase users or extensions without extra cost. With on-premise IP PBX software, it becomes easier to scale up during seasonal spikes. Even businesses may scale down if necessary.

  • The seamless user onboarding experience

On-premise IP PBX is a cloud-based solution and enables the integration of key communication functions with daily business applications. These business applications include calendars, Google Suite, Microsoft 365, and CRM tools such as Salesforce. Thus, business call center agents and other team members can create seamless and friction-free customer experiences using these integrated tools.

  • Improves business efficiency

On-premise IP PBX solutions have multiple advantages that promote business efficiency, including quick installation, lower bills, enhanced functionality, and better communication. Moreover, it sustainably utilizes resources and efforts on tenant service, billing, and payment, due to which agents can meticulously dedicate their time to core business tasks. It eliminates the need for an internal IT team to handle any potential technical difficulties. Overall an on-premise IP PBX significantly impacts the operational efficiency of the business in a positive way.

Adapt on-premise IP PBX to promote communication without losing control

An on-premise IP PBX can benefit businesses in multiple ways, from improved operational efficiency to streamlined communication. It lets businesses effectively communicate with their customers and their team members. The solution’s advanced calling and communication capabilities foster internal and external corporate growth. Therefore, HoduPBX is a perfect on-premise IP PBX solution for meeting business communication demands. Whether managing a huge organization or a small business, HoduPBX enables seamless communication with a single platform for optimum business productivity. 

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