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Call Center Software

DOT WFH Extension Till 31st December 2020 Yet Another Reason to Get Your Call Center Software

COVID-19 popularized the term Work From Home. What used to be an option became mandatory. It is proving to be a practical way to ensure continuity of business and work. Even DoT has extended relaxation up to 31st December 2020 to permit contact centers to carry out remote operations with their employees working from home. Even business enterprises can maintain continuity with the use of the right Call center software that makes it effortless for employees to collaborate, work, and provide service.

No halfway measures

Zoom saw a spurt in usage but that is a half-baked solution. It permits only video conferencing and calls whereas the need of the hour is for employees to collaborate, communicate, stay in touch, and maintain a semblance of normal operations. Only a full-fledged call center Software has features that bridge the distance divide. The pandemic is not going away anytime soon and, in any case, working from home could be an opportunity to gain the right software to keep employees connected. Think of hosted contact center solutions from a vendor like Hodusoft.

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Reduced costs, normal operations

The DOT directive is a pointer to the fact that the coronavirus situation is serious. Do not let adequate infrastructure get in your way. Call center Software is complete in various ways and when you opt for hosted solutions you do not have to invest in any hardware-software combinations upfront. This benefit apart, there are other reasons too.

Call redirects, virtual office environment

One feature of the call center software is that of automatic call distribution, which can be used as a call redirection tool to route incoming calls from vendors or customers to the concerned person in your business. Set up virtual private networking with static IP and your employees become extensions, able to use their mobile phones or desktop softphone as part of the call center software blended with your CRM. This way they can:

  • You can have a roll call first thing in the morning and hold a conference to map out the day’s tasks

  • Employees can interact with each other with access to records from the CRM, even during an ongoing call, which makes for superior customer service and less stress as well as faster throughput.

  • Customers or vendors dial your company number and are switched through to the employee they wish to talk with without any delay.

  • With the contact center software in place, you connect not only employees in the same city but also all your branch office and site agents into a closed, secure communication web.

  • Maintain records of all interactions since calls are recorded and transactions entered into the CRM.

Taking it further with social channels

As it is, during normal times people preferred to use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp for interactions. Get omnichannel contact center software with social media integration and your employees will love it as well customers. Whatsapp is proving to be a preferred communication channel since users can engage in chat, voice calls, or video calls and also send documents. The contact center software integrates Whatsapp web, which means employees do not have to use their private mobile numbers but can use company numbers for WhatsApp chats. This has benefits. All chats go into official records. Customers have to call only one number. You maintain security and confidentiality.

Get Hodusoft’s contact center software. You can use it for customer service, vendor interactions, as an intra-office communication tool, for training, campaigns, and for customer service as well as new hires. Pick the vendor offering a flexible, modular, and hosted solution with proper backup and you will hardly miss the work in an office environment.

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