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Improving Customer Service With Embedded Communications

Embedded communications are one of the core necessities of the current marketplace. How?

  • 63% of the US enterprises would adopt or plan to adopt WebRTC by the year 2017
  • Organizations with 1000+ employees has the capability to embed communications into other apps or sites
  • Embedded communications like WebRTC help organizations in their core business functions like customer satisfaction, internal communication, increased efficiency and business outcomes

Now that you have understood how most organizations is utilizing embedded communications or should I say, WebRTC, to improve customer services.

Let’s check out how you can improve your customer service for your highly valuable prospects or customers through embedded communications.

How to improve customer service with embedded communications?

1.   Embedded Live Chat Window

Whenever a customer lands upon your website, a new chat window pops up around the down right corner of the screen. This screen has a picture of a person and a message like, “Hi, I am XXX, how can I help you?” sort of thing. So, this is nothing but an embedded live chat window functionality offered by the WebRTC conference software. You can call it a live help desk as well.

How does an embedded live chat window help you improve your customer service?

  • Initiating communication lies with your customers. So, you don’t need to always turn up to your customers asking for feedback. Delighting, right?
  • Your prospects or customers can connect with your executives from any of your web pages – What a liberty they have!
  • The customer feels that the customer representative is just one click away and he can contact your executives right away. Impressive!
  • It gives leisure to the customers to contact your customer representative at their preferred time zone. Simple, isn’t it!
  • Your customers receive a response at the lighting speed as it is a live chat with web conference software – Too fast!
  • In fact, most of the times, there are new website visitors that turn up to the live chat to know more about your products/services – It’s always enlightening to see new leads, what say?
  • Meetings can also be scheduled to continue with the further communication in more detail – Smart!

Well, based on the industry your organization is in, embedded live chat window using WebRTC can help improve your customer support to a great extent. Well, this is a type of

2.   Real-time Product Demos

The most important benefit of using a web conferencing software is to conduct the live video. When you offer product demos through live videos, your prospects are more like to make a purchase with your organization.

How can you leverage the use of live product demos through video conferencing software?

  • Through portraying features of your products
  • Through conducting personalized query solving sessions
  • Through inviting multiple professionals of an organization to see your product demo with live conference
  • Through recording the complete demo video and can be shared with your customer for evaluation

These are just a few benefits of offering easy web conferencing features to your customers. And, this not only strengthens the customer support services, but also speed up the process of sign off.

3.   Live Post-Sales Support

Once you have sold your products or services, your customers are likely to contact you for their queries related to your solution offerings.

But, how do you maintain your best customer services after the sales?

  • Customers will call you through a number available to them. But, the call will be only transferred to the agent that has the previous communication with the same caller. Now, how this done? Thanks to the amazing feature of the WebRTC – CRM integration. So, the agent has the history about what solutions they are using and the earlier communication details.
  • The agents that have the complete history about a particular customer can easily help your customers with the accurate post sales services.
  • Also, the customers need not to have web conferencing software with them and can easily connect with your executives.
  • Fast and easy response to your customer’s queries help you to focus on building a strong relationship with your existing customers.
  • Customers can even share screens with your executives to help them, well understand the problems and can solve their queries there and then.
  • Delighted from your post-sales customer services, your existing customers will bring in more business.


So, now you can measure how the web conferencing software or WebRTC can ease your headache of handling customer support activities. Web conferencing software has been the most trending technology most enterprises are looking to leverage for improving the customer services.

Did you check out the WebRTC – a web video conferencing software by HoduSoft – a contact center solutions provider? It offers the following features:

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  • Internal as well as external call transfer features
  • CRM integration feature (as discussed above)
  • One-to-one and one-to-many calling options available (speedup the purchase decisions)
  • No added plugins or software required (customers have the ability to connect with you without installing any specific software or app to communicate with you)

Aren’t all these features brilliant? Then, Request a free demo for WebRTC – a video conferencing software now!

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