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Video Chat Contact Center Software

Importance of Video chat in contact centers

As the world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, personal meetings and home visits are fading away. Today, we follow the norms of social distancing, which has changed human interaction. In recent times, there has been a drastic shift in the way people interact and communicate with each other. On the other hand, meetings will stay lifelong, irrespective of the virtual or physical model.

In the present scenario, there has been a drastic rise in video conferencing trends. People use different platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messenger, and others for video calls or conferencing. Indeed, they have raised the standards of video conferencing for businesses. Therefore, as per the present situation, implementing video chat-enabled contact center management software has become essential. It empowers employees to identify the key cause of an issue and offer better and faster service to customers. As per a report, 87% of remote employees feel more connected and involved with teams and projects when using video conferencing. 

How does video chat in the contact center help?

With the help of smart omnichannel contact center software or multi-channel contact center software, organizations can enjoy streamlined business communication. The contact center automation software allows the spontaneous syncing of interactions across devices and channels. Besides, the implementation of real-time video chat helps agents create even better experiences. It speeds up the process of issue resolution while personalizing interactions and increasing customer satisfaction rate. Here are some examples of daily life conversations where video chat contact center software can transform the customer’s experience:

Resolving doubts with a video call

It provides the right virtual assistance at the right time. People find it difficult to explain issues related to hardware to the contact center agent. Therefore, they get stuck in filling out a few forms. 

However, with the help of video chat contact center software, agents can provide faster issue resolution to customers. They can guide them at every step and assist them in availing of the competing benefits of the company’s services.

Personal discussion via video chats

Personal discussion through videos gives you another positive factor to a normal conversation handled by relationship managers. Ultimately, this helps the clients to get insights into the financial products and offerings. 

Also, in the absence of physical experience, virtual face-to-face interaction helps build customers’ trust. It makes them feel more confident to make a significant decision. The beauty of video chat contact centers is that they attract emotional connections and quick sales closure.

E-counselling and real-time support

In the absence of physical presence, a video conferencing solution helps get a human-like experience. It is useful in case of psychological and medical issues or even while choosing the right career path.

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Call handling time is also shortened through video calls. Besides, it helps in developing a better understanding of the person in need. It helps agents explain the features of services and products better and make customers satisfied. This way, it plays an important role in enhancing the productivity of the business.

Other significant advantages of video chats from the business perspective

Here are some of the key benefits of video conversations from a business perspective:

  • It helps develop long-term relationships with the customers, thereby drastically improving sales closure and enhancing the customer retention ratio.
  • ROI or Return On Investment can also be improved in delivering a fluent experience with an improved First Call Resolution rate with agents. Ultimately, this helps in co-browsing and guest lectures.
  • The one-on-one human interactions can also be churned with the powerful potential of video conferencing. It can make people more attached to the brand and assist them in having real-time decisions.
  • Businesses can also benefit from upselling opportunities and cross-selling with the help of video conferencing.
Wrapping up

Throughout the customer journey, video chat works as a wonderful tool. As a part of the contact center software, video chat uplifts the bar of customer service engagement. Organizations are adopting online or virtual modes, so video chat tech barriers have come down in recent years. It is important to understand the importance of video chat and opt for the best contact center software. HoduCC contact center software is one such software that provides a video conferencing feature.

HoduCC is a customizable software that comes with various advanced contact center software features. Apart from video conferencing, other advanced features offered by HoduCC include Automatic Call Distribution, skill-based routing, IVR, and many others. So, whether you need inbound call center software or outbound call center software, HoduCC can be a perfect choice. To know more about HoduCC contact center software.

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