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HoduCC Zoho Phonebridge Integration

How Hoducc Zoho Phonebridge Integration Improves Productivity For Contact Centers


In today’s highly competitive environment, as companies jostle to grab a pie of the customer relationship becomes integral. It is exactly why most companies prefer to use Zoho Phonebridge or similar CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to store all the information of the customers. By leveraging CRM capabilities with Zoho Phonebridge Integration can yield long-term benefits. In fact, a report by Gartner found that revenue from CRM software has shot up considerably to become the largest grosser among all the software. 

This brings us to the much-debated question. If CRM software is the used by marketing and sales team regularly why are they not able to achieve the desired outcome. Precisely, because there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.

Many companies use CRM but they do integrate it with their contact center software. Or on the other hand, they use the in-built CRM in the contact center software. Both cases, result in some slips. This is why CRM software and contact center software should be used hand-in-hand. To understand this, let’s why integration with one of the most popular CRM Zoho Phonebridge can add value. 

Why should you integrate your CRM with Contact Center software?


Modern contact center software may have integrated CRM, which makes life easier for agents. However, all-in-one software may have inherent drawbacks. Further, the software is developed specifically for a purpose. IP PBX does what it is supposed to do: make and receive calls. Accounting software focuses on accounting functions. 

Contact center software is specifically tailored for call centers to handle inbound and outbound calls as part of customer service or for campaigns. Businesses typically use a variety of software solutions, each purposed for specific tasks. Sometimes, or, to be more precise, in many cases, one may need more features such as IP PBX requiring to handle video conferencing, accounting to be ported to ERP and communications and for call center software to have CRM integration. 

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Call centers that use legacy, standalone contact center software without CRM may find their workflow hampered. The solution could be to upgrade to a newer software solution at a high cost or opt for Zoho Phonebridge integration to achieve the same or better levels of functionality. Along with it you even get Zoho CRM, the best of both worlds at a smartly affordable price and with minimum disruption to the existing setup.

APIs at work

HoduSoft’s contact center software HoduCC can be integrated seamlessly with Zoho Phonebridge. With a simple process of API, the HoduCC Zoho integration works like magic to enhance the functionality of contact center software. API, for the uninitiated, stands for Application Programming Interface. In this case, your contact center software remains intact and undisturbed. Zoho CRM and Phonebridge applications are ported to and tied with the call center software through API integration.

This lets the two standalone software communicate with each other. For example, an agent using the contact center software need not exit and launch Zoho CRM in order to access customer data and phone lists. He can do it right from the call center application. APIs, in a manner of speaking, “bridge” the two software. The beauty of APIs is that modules made up of reusable code help the developer. You can easily repurpose and reuse codes for fast execution.

What all do you get with Zoho Phonebridge integration?

There are CRMs out there like SalesForce that can cost quite a lot and, besides, a whole lot of its features could be of little use in call centers. Enter Zoho CRM. It is free and offers a slew of features mirroring the needs of call centers. It also integrates with other Zoho apps to offer lead management, contact management, customer data maintenance, and multi-channel marketing. Zoho lets you manage and organize data to smoothen call center workflows. The call center solution becomes the front end with Zoho at the back.

How do customer service agents benefit?

HoduCC integrates seamlessly with Zoho Phonebridge. All the parties using the CRM and contact center software HoduCC– the agents, the call centers, and the customers of call centers,  benefit from the powerful combination.

  • It eliminates the need for agents to manually prepare lists and dial. With a single click, you can make calls.
  • You get a pop-up notification for incoming calls.
  • You can set up the system to remind you about scheduled calls, such as calling leads at specified times.
  • Any call center agent can record conversations and derive analytics.
  • You can even automate campaigns by configuring IVR to access lists from ZohoCRM and let it dial out numbers automatically, leaving a voicemail message or text message with a call-back facility.
  • You can define which lists go to which agent or map lists to a group of agents and automatic call distributor and skill-based mapping.

Depending on the existing setup, Hodusoft’s engineers will set up and configure Zoho Phonebridge to work according to parameters defined by customers.

Does it take long?

Will it take long to integrate HoduCC with Zoho Phonebridge?  It is one of the most common questions when one talks about Zoho Phonebridge Integration with contact center software.

The short answer however is –  it does not take long since Hodusoft already has a set of APIs that need only a little bit of tweaking to interface with the customer’s software.

Again, it does not cost much since the job is done fast and with less effort. Spend a little, and gain more. Your agent’s stress levels go down and productivity rises. You and your customers gain in every way. Once you use it you will wonder how you ever did without it. This is our promise.

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