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transforming cx: a glimpse into hodusoft's next-gen communication solutions at the digital cx summit 2024

Transforming CX: A Glimpse into HoduSoft's Next-Gen Communication Solutions at the Digital CX Summit 2024

In today’s swiftly evolving digital communication landscape, customers have access to more information and options to choose from. As a result, they expect seamless omnichannel experiences. To keep customers satisfied and stay competitive, businesses are making every effort to improve customer experience and streamline operations. 

Being a leading player in the communication solutions space, HoduSoft is highly committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. The company is set to make waves at the 4th Digital CX Summit 2024, bringing forward its cutting-edge communication solutions. These customizable solutions are designed to help businesses redefine the way they communicate and engage with their customers.

About the Digital CX Summit

Digital Customer Experience Confex & Awards 2024 is an esteemed event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts in the field of customer experience (CX) to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions. This summit promises to be a hub of knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring the latest technologies that can take CX to new heights.

Event Details:

  • Date: February 7th, 2024
  • Venue: Mumbai, India

HoduSoft’s Participation: What to Expect?

HoduSoft’s participation in the summit showcases its dedication to innovation and staying ahead of technological advancements in the communication sector. Being a leading player in the industry, HoduSoft is thrilled to share its expertise and innovative solutions with industry experts, professionals, and potential customers. 

At this event, HoduSoft’s experts will talk about the latest innovations in the field of communication technology. They will provide live demos and information on HoduSoft’s advanced communication solutions. Businesses can have firsthand information on these products and discuss how these products can help them enhance customer engagement and overall experience. 

HoduCC-Call and Contact Center Software 

The key highlight of HoduSoft will be one of its flagship products- HoduCC-Call and Contact Center Software. Equipped with various advanced features and functionalities, HoduCC is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers. 

With an omnichannel approach, HoduCC allows businesses to seamlessly connect various touchpoints and provide customers with a unified and consistent experience. Overall, it promises a unified customer journey, regardless of the communication channel. Apart from an omnichannel approach, other highlights that make HoduCC different from others in the market include:

  • Multi-Tenant
  • Inbuilt Ticketing System
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reports
  • Advanced Dialers (Auto dialer, Predictive dialer, Progressive dialer, Promotional dialer, Preview dialer, and Power dialer)
  • AI Chat Bot
  • WhatsApp Bot
  • WhatsApp Broadcasting
  • SMS Broadcasting
  • Voice Transcript
  • Built-In Mini CRM
  • Quality Analysis
  • Social Media Integration, and many more.

In addition to the product showcase, HoduSoft’s team will take part in networking sessions, panel discussions, and collaborative forums. On the whole, this event presents a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations.


As a participant in the 4th Digital CX Summit 2024, HoduSoft exhibits its commitment to shaping the future of communication solutions. The cutting-edge communication solutions offered by HoduSoft are designed to address the diverse and dynamic needs of modern businesses. With its insightful and impactful presence at the summit, HoduSoft will certainly make a lasting impact on the digital communications industry.

Upgrade your communication strategy with HoduSoft's Next-Gen CX solutions – Elevate Customer Experiences!

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