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HoduSoft at CommunicAsia 2021

HoduSoft at CommunicAsia 2021

The Covid-19 has changed how we live and work. But it has shown us how resilient we are amid challenges as the HoduSoft team joined CommunicAsia 2021 on the virtual platform. Steered at the event by the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Kartik Khambhati, HoduSoft. We highlighted the importance of building value for customers. The guiding philosophy at HoduSoft has been partnering its customers on their growth journey over profitability.  As a growing company, we believe in shared success and helping our clients throughout the lifecycle of the product. We shared some nuggets from HoduSoft’s bag at the recently concluded CommunicAsia conference. Here’s a snapshot for you:
  • Find green shoots of opportunity amid challenges

For over a year now, many businesses have been operating in a challenging environment. The concerns of employee health, profitability, remote work, and business continuity have been driving companies to divert resources to fight emergent challenges. But our resilience shone through, and we were able to overcome most of the challenges with joint effort and resolve. 
  • WFH (work from home): Overcoming distance with trust among stakeholders

A few years back, no one could have wondered about working from home for a sustained period. But we all adopted and helped overcome distance by open communication and trust. Companies trusted the employees to do the right thing. And in turn, employees stepped up and showed increased productivity. In the same way, clients and partners from different geographies continued to cooperate with us in deploying the solutions for them. Business is now conducted on the basic premise of faith in each other.
  • Building customer value through sustained effort

Customer success is not getting a customer to sign up for your product but it is a process that begins after you onboard the customer. HoduSoft laid down its core guiding principle of partnering customers in their growth over profitability through sustained effort. The focus is on product quality and resolving customer concerns, both before and during usage stages. 

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  • Adopt honesty and transparency in business

HoduSoft, since its inception, has sharpened on building customer value through honest and transparent communication with clients. The products in the HoduSoft suite are always represented rightly to the clients, outline features and capabilities as they are. 
  • Customers made HoduSoft Gartner CategoryLeader and FrontRunner

The receipt of the Gartner badge for HoduCC contact and call center software in 2021 is a testimony to HoduSoft’s hawk-like focus on customer journey rather than sign-up success. It is heartening to know that HoduSoft customers are satisfied with the product.   The CommunicAsia event gave HoduSoft a platform to share views on building customer value and company philosophy. As a growth partner, HoduSoft endeavors to serve its customers well and provide unmatched value for VoIP communication solutions, so they can scale worry-free.  During the exhibition, we shared our range of products and the latest upgrades in terms of the advancement of the information system.  The conference was not just work, we met our old customers and friends in the industry and chatted away over cups of coffee after the drill. We are grateful for the love bestowed upon us by our customers, which shows us that we are heading in the right direction. If you want to know more about our work and how we do it, get in touch with us.   Related Read: HoduCC Gartner Digital Market 2021
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