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hoducc's predictive dialer earns prestigious gartner badges

HoduCC's Predictive Dialer Earns Prestigious Gartner Badges

In today’s highly competitive contact center software solutions industry, standing out from others can be very challenging. Since the technology in the contact center industry is continually evolving, companies in this sector must keep pace with the latest trends and innovations to stay competitive. HoduSoft, a leading provider of contact center software and communication solutions, has been efficiently meeting this challenge with its flagship product – HoduCC. The popularity of this product has been growing swiftly in the industry. Recently, HoduCC achieved another laudable success by securing Gartner badges on popular software review platforms GetApp, Software Advice, and Capterra for its predictive dialer category. 

A Brief Overview of HoduCC

Before we get into the details of the recent accolades that HoduCC has received, let’s know more about this innovative software solution. Well, HoduCC is an all-in-one contact center software solution designed to empower businesses to streamline their operations and deliver superior customer service. It comes with various advanced features like- predictive dialer, skill-based routing, automatic call distribution, WebRTC phone, auto dialer, single-tenant & multi-tenant, multilevel IVR, real-time analytics & reports, omnichannel support, built-in CRM, inbuilt ticketing system, and answering machine detection (AMD). 

Moreover, it also offers various add-on modules like AI Chatbot, WhatsApp Bot, Voice Transcription (Recording & Voicemail), Quality Analysis, WhatsApp Broadcasting, SMS Broadcasting, and IVR & Agent Survey. All these features and functionalities make HoduCC so special and widely popular throughout the industry. 

HoduCC’s Predictive Dialer Secured Gartner Badges On Popular Software Review Platforms GetApp, Software Advice, and Capterra.

HoduCC’s predictive dialer is one of the standout features of HoduCC. It uses advanced algorithms to predict call volume and agent availability. This way it ensures that the customers are connected to the right agents at the right time. When agents are connected to the customers as soon as they are available to take the call, it reduces their idle time and increases their productivity. Moreover, it also enhances customer satisfaction rate by ensuring that customers get the right assistance without the need to wait for a long time. 

Recently, HoduCC’s predictive dialer received Gartner badges on popular software review platforms- GetApp, Software Advice, and Capterra, all part of the Gartner Digital Markets network. Let’s look at what these badges signify and why they matter.


GetApp is a widely popular software review platform that assists businesses in finding, comparing, and selecting the right software solutions based on their specific requirements. Trusted by millions of users throughout the world, GetApp has emerged as a valuable resource for businesses in quest of reliable software recommendations. HoduCC has secured the 6th position in GetApp’s List of Category Leaders in Predictive Dialer and earned the coveted GetApp badge. This indicates the excellence of HoduCC’s predictive dialer in terms of ease of use, customer support, and overall customer satisfaction.


SoftwareAdvice is another renowned software review platform that helps businesses find the best software for their specific business needs. HoduCC’s predictive dialer has gained the 7th position in the highly regarded Category Leaders list published by SoftwareAdvice. The recognition on Software Advice with a Gartner badge solidifies the position of HoduCC as a leading solution in the contact center software industry.


Capterra, owned by Gartner, is one of the world’s biggest and most popular software review platforms that provides verified user reviews and expert insights on an array of software products. HoduCC’s predictive dialer achieved an impressive 12th position in the latest rankings by Capterra and was honored with a Gartner badge, highlighting its exceptional performance and popularity among users.

Why Do Gartner Badges Matter?

Earning Gartner badges on these well-renowned software review platforms is an excellent achievement. It indicates that HoduCC’s predictive dialer has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its users and industry experts. Being positioned on such platforms ensures credibility and trustworthiness, user validation, quality assurance, and competitive advantage of the software in the contact center software space. 

Since customer expectations are rising constantly, contact centers must leverage advanced technology like predictive dialers to elevate their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The success and recognition of HoduCC showcase its ability to meet the growing demand of customers and bring positive outcomes for businesses of all sizes and industries.

To conclude,

HoduCC’s latest achievement of Gartner badges on GetApp, Software Advice, and Capterra is a testament to its excellence in the contact center software industry. This also makes HoduCC an excellent choice for businesses looking to elevate business operations and customer satisfaction. As this industry continues to evolve, HoduCC will remain at the forefront, setting a benchmark for innovation and customer satisfaction.

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