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Machine Detection (AMD)

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a technology used in call/contact centers to automate calling systems. It helps in identifying whether a call has been answered by a human or an answering machine.

AMD feature works by analyzing various factors involved in the initial moments of a call like the audio patterns, frequencies, and tones. It compares these factors with known characteristics of human voices and answering machine recordings, and makes an accurate guess about the call status.
Organizations can use this feature to optimize their outbound calling campaigns. The AMD system filters out answering machines, ensuring that live agents are connected with real customers.

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Benefits of Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Some of the key benefits of AMD include:

Intelligent Call Routing:

AMD allows intelligent call routing based on call outcomes. The system first initiates the call to the customer number. If it detects the answering machine/voicemail, it will drop the call. On the other hand, if the call is answered by a human, it will connect an agent on the call immediately.

Time and Cost Saving:

By detecting answering machines, AMD helps organizations in saving a lot of time and costs associated with unnecessary agent engagement. The intelligent routing of calls, allows agents to focus on interacting with real customers, reducing idle time, and improving their productivity. 

Enhanced Agent Efficiency:

Using the AMD system, agents can spend more time engaging with live customers. This enables them to handle more calls in a given time frame, which further helps in improving their overall efficiency. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

AMD can accurately identify the answering machines which helps in reducing the chances of putting customers on hold or transferring their calls to voicemail unnecessarily. If lines are busy, customers can be routed to self-service options or can be guided through automated messages. This way, it helps to improve overall customer satisfaction level. 

Better Analytics and Reporting:

The data generated by the AMD system can be used for analysis and reporting purposes. Information like call outcomes, answering machine detection rates, call dispositions, and others can be used to evaluate campaign effectiveness, optimize call/contact center strategies, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance.

In general, the Answering Machine Detection (AMD) feature offered by HoduCC call/contact center software helps optimize call/contact center operations and ensures that agents are engaged with live customer conversations, leading to better productivity and customer satisfaction.
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