Top Benefits of Multi-tenant IP PBX Software

Technology advances do help businesses and one such area is IP PBX. It was a step up from the staid old PSTN era. Then arrived a sort of mini-revolution by way of multi-tenant IP PBX software is hosted and on-premise flavors. Either way, you have vastly versatile IP PBX Software that can do so much more for you. Consider some of the benefits.

Granular modularity

The vanilla IP PBX has plenty of features such as call waiting, caller ID, call parking, call pickup and transfer, call barring, and conferencing, to mention a new one. Further, you have DID support and IVR as well as SMS in addition to voicemail. In a standard IP PBX solution, it may not be easy to allocate permissions for specific modules to specific users or groups of users. The multi-tenant IP PBX software is built to serve a variety of users in a hierarchical organization. Therefore, you get the benefit of modularity and the capability to allocate resources and assign permissions for specific features.

Isolation and cohesion

The main users of multi-tenant IP PBX software would be service providers offering IP PBX as a Service and large business enterprises with multi-branch operations. The multi-tenancy feature allows isolation yet facilitates cohesion.

    • There is an Admin in HoduPBX Multi-Tenant IP PBX software who handles multiple customers (tenants) with the help of the software. Since it is a multi-tenancy architecture supporting a number of tenants, HoduPBX Multi-Tenant IP PBX software allows admin to provide certain rights and permissions to the tenants with multiple levels of administration. 
    • Each tenant under the Admin is logically isolated as far as call records, permissions, rates, and databases are concerned. However, they work in a cohesive system.
    • Tenants operate as independent service providers. They can create various extensions under them. Also, the tenants have the freedom to assign various rights and charge rates for different modules and services offered by them to their users. 
    • At the same time, the main admin can have an overview and control of CDRs of tenants and their users as well as their activities. Admin can collect the records of users for better management of communication. 

Revenue generation for service providers

Service providers have the freedom to offer IP PBX as a service, adding to their revenue stream in the process. Since it is multi-tenant, the IP PBX solution guarantees security and confidentiality for each defined sub-tenant. The main service provider can appoint resellers and define rate structure and this works in tandem with CDR, billing, and payment.

Billing and payment

Imagine a homogenous IP PBX serving thousands of users. It becomes a tough challenge to segregate call records of each user group and define rates for them (not to speak of assigning permissions and granting access to modules). The multi-tenant IP PBX does away with all these worries. Each tenant is responsible for payment to the IP PBX service provider. The service provider can fix rates and bill the tenant who, in turn, can make payment through the integrated gateway. Since billing is tied to CDR, it is helpful in automated invoice generation and also service requests through IVR or other means. The tenant may have sub-tenants who are charged differently and pay the main tenant. Here again, such sub-tenants have access to automated billing and payment gateways as well as issue resolutions or request handling.

Privacy and security

Since each tenant or sub-tenant is isolated to a degree and there is isolation you are assured of better privacy within user groups and security since the data of each tenant and sub-tenant remains distinctly separate.

Flexible use

Tenants and sub-tenants within a tree-branch structure have the freedom to use the software through a desktop computer, plugin IP Phones or use mobile phones. If you sign up for WebRTC inclusion then users can simply avoid having to invest in any hardware and use their existing computer/mobile to communicate through the browser interface.

The icing on the cake is that you can get this top of the line multi-tenant IP PBX as a hosted solution. This means no or minimum upfront investment and paying service providers from profits you earn.

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