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Considerations in Choosing Multi-tenant IP PBX Software

The demand for hosted IP PBX services is growing by the day. Telecom service providers need to cater to this growing segment by offering maximum features at the best possible rates along with ease of use and a seamless experience. Choosing the right multi-tenant IP PBX software that has inbuilt scalability, unlimited resellers, least cost routing along with controls and billing is crucial to the success of such VoIP Service providers.

Hosted multi-tenant architecture

Hosted multi-tenant architecture that serves as a unified platform of communication is a prime consideration. This will permit creation of any number of tenants, resellers and extensions.

Feature packed

Some vendors may offer standard IP PBX software with limited features and then extra add-ons. For multi-tenant IP PBX to be worth the investment it should come with a comprehensive list of features right out of the box. It is usual to expect the IP PBX solution to include call forward/park/screening/recording/pickup/transfer, voice mail along with filters and blocking. It should be easy to listen to recordings and monitor live calls. Realtime cluster, SIP Proxy and network database file system are features worth having in the hosted unified IP PBX solution. The software should easily interface with APIs to manage DID, IVR, routes and tenants.

Unified platform

As workforce becomes increasingly mobile, one of the features that should be a part of the IP PBX consideration is ease of use on desktop or mobile platforms. Any user should be able to initiate or receive not just audio calls but also video calls through a simple web browser interface assuming the developer has included WebRTC technologies into the IP PBX hosted solution.

Finer points

Small things make a lot of difference such as the ability of administrators to control permissions for each user in the multi-tenant architecture besides defining dialing rules. Auto-provisioning is another aspect of the solution that is a must-have. Automatic updates availability is yet another feature that will relieve telecom carriers from the worries of upgrading the software as technology upgrade in the future. An open source based multi-tenant IP PBX is always more affordable, which is yet another consideration for telecom carriers who want the best and the latest software that will enhance reputation and attract more customers. Custom solutions are expensive and tedious to implement whereas open source based solution that works right out of the box delivers productivity and revenues from day one of installation because it has been tried and tested across numerous international customers.

If the technology side is important then the other side, which is billing, call management, monitoring and reporting, is no less so. Hodusoft intelligent multi-tenant IP PBX is the outcome of years of development and perfecting a solution that will result in telecom carriers delivering customer satisfaction while earning a steadily growing stream of revenues.

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