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HoduPBX - An ideal multi-tenant enterprise phone system for UCaaS, CPaaS and MSPs

Why to Buy HODUPBX?

With the globalization, technology has changed everything around us. One of the major changes people face is the way we communicate, specifically the business communication. It has adopted the advanced communication tools. One of the most beneficial tools is the PBX Solution and business phone system. The advanced communication solution is made up of VoIP phone systems, PBX system (IP or Hosted) and other communication peripherals. No matter, you are a startup or a grown up business empire, you must understand the abundant benefits of the PBX and business phone systems. Feeling lost? Wondering what these words mean? This article will explain everything you need to know and aid your decision of adopting the PBX solution as part of your business communication.

What is PBX Phone System?

PBX phone system is a private network of phone system and other communication devices such as modem, fax, etc., which are connected by a Private Branch Exchange system. To be elaborative, the PBX is an acronym of Private Branch Exchange. The PBX Phone system uses a single line to connect the different communication devices of the company to the external network, which is generally known as PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). As the PBX phone system is Private network, the business phone system uses limited numbers of the outside lines to communicate with the outside world. This business phone system uses the shared lines for receiving and making calls, which makes it very cheap compared to the traditional telephony system.

What is an IP PBX Phone System?

The IP PBX is an acronym of the Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. As the name suggests, here the PBX phone system uses the Internet Protocol to setting up and tearing down the calls. As it uses the advanced technology, namely, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to establish the internal and external communication, it decreases the long distance communication charges commendably. The IP PBX phone system is also known as the VoIP PBX system.

Now, you are completely aware of the PBX phone system and IP PBX phone system. This is the time to understand what are the possible ways to implement this advanced and cost-effective communication system in your business. There are two types of PBX solution available.
● Hosted PBX

Let’s understand the difference between both so you can take the best decision to suit your current needs.

Hosted vs IP PBX Phone System

In Hosted IP PBX, all the equipments will be set up on the premises of VoIP service provider of your company. The business phone system will be set up in your company by him and he will be responsible for the up and running system. All the installation, operation and maintenance of the VoIP phone system will be taken care by your VoIP service provider. You need to pay the monthly fees to him. That is it!

In IP PBX system, the PBX and business phone systems will be installed in your company’s premises. Here, you get the complete ownership and control over the Business Phone System. You can decide the custom features based on your communication requirement for your VoIP phone system. The decisions of the upgrade, system update, etc. can be taken by you without any delays.

So, do you think it is something worth giving attention to? Let me share the details of the perfect PBX solution developed by the HoduSoft, known as HoduPBX. The HoduPBX is an adaptable PBX system with galore of features.

Some of them are listed below:
● Call routing
● Call return
● Phone book
● Voice mail
● Call rejection
● Call forwarding
● 3way conference
● Caller ID
● Call park
● Call pickup
● Group call pickup
● And many more.

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