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Discover a World of Communication Solutions with HoduSoft

HoduSoft, One Stop Solution To Satisfy All Your Communication Needs

HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian VoIP Solution Provider company, which has hands on skills of developing diversified communication and collaboration solutions and software. The company has come up on the global platform in 2015 with a vision of bringing the innovative VoIP solutions to aid the enterprises. They have expertise in developing business phone system and software related to it. These VoIP phone system have proven to be beneficial to the company’s current and future communication. Moreover, it aids any enterprise economically due to the benefits accrued from the VoIP phone system and advanced features of VoIP solutions.

To benefit different businesses and enterprises, the HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. has developed different VoIP products. The products are of different nature and use SIP technology to enhance the communication and collaboration of any company. It also makes the traditional a tedious tasks automated. These VoIP products invented by the company are briefed in upcoming passages.

1. HoduConf

One of the VoIP Products innovated by the HoduSoft is known as HODUCONF. It is an audio conferencing solution. It comes in a form of audio video conferencing software solution. It can handle thousands of participants efficaciously to conduct a conference The conference can be organized and managed from any remote location without any hassle. The participants can attend the conference using their systems or VoIP Phone Systems. This conferencing solution is also a web conferencing software solution so it can be accessed using any browser. So now make your business conferences happen at anytime, from anywhere.

 2. HoduPBX        

The next VoIP Product from the family is HoduBX. It is a hosted IP PBX software, which comes in the form of a software. It connects the VoIP phone systems of the company with each other to make communication faster. This is an ip pbx so it uses the internet protocol to perform different PBX tasks like call routing, call forwarding, etc. This reduced the communication cost remarkably. It also offers a reliable and scalable collaboration platform to connect the remote branches seamlessly. So collaborate all your remote branches cost effectively with our HODUPBX, the Hosted IP PBX.

3. HoduCC

It is a contact center software. It can handle the different tasks of any call center. It is a call center software, which gets installed on the server of the call center. It has different intelligent and updated features, which perform different task of the call center faster. The HoduCC, contact center software is developed using the FreeSwitch technology, which makes it technologically very advanced. This call center solution can replace any traditional call center software to make it perform better and intelligently. Now, using HoduCC improve your customer satisfaction and resource productivity.

4. HoduSwitch

The ultimate and advanced VoIP softswitch, which is developed to bridge the gap between monitoring the tasks, managing the networks of different IPs and call traffic. This softswitch is capable of handling the wholesale VoIP traffic of any number. This softswitch is developed using the FreeSwitch technology, which makes it more robust and reliable to handle a bunch of call traffic hassle free. So now, monitor your wholesale voip traffic smoothly and grow your voip business rapidly.

We will be glad to assist you to provide you the perfect solution to communicate and collaborate very cost-effectively. To know more, Contact Us.

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