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top ip pbx software and service providers in the uk

Top IP PBX Software and Service Providers in the UK

The VoIP market has seen remarkable growth in the past few years and is expected to grow further at a CAGR of 9.08%. According to a Research and Markets report, VoIP market share in the UK will be worth $ 4.83 billion by 2026. As the business landscape is shifting towards a hybrid and remote work culture, companies are looking for IP PBX software providers in the UK to gain a competitive edge through seamless connectivity.

Most office phone system providers in the UK have witnessed a boom owing to the emerging demands of businesses. Therefore, it can be perplexing for UK businesses to choose the best PBX provider that meets their business communication and collaboration needs. Here’s a definitive guide to handhold business owners choosing the best IP PBX provider in the UK.

What is IP PBX Software?

An IP PBX software is the latest business communications technology that has replaced traditional landline Office Phone System providers in the UK. It is a plug-and-play telecommunication system that offers numerous advanced features to enhance internal communications.  The IP PBX software is created and managed by its provider, but it can be easily configured by employees on any device.

Here are a few business benefits of IP PBX software:

  • Simple management of complex network
  • Flexibility and mobility for employees
  • Can be further extended for external communication
  • Aids collaboration through tools like screen sharing, conferencing, etc.
  • Ensures business continuity through disaster recovery 

5 necessary features your IP PBX Software Must Have

Every Business Phone System provider in the UK has a unique set of features. Here are some of the features any IP PBX software should have:

  1. WebRTC:

    Web-based Real-Time Communication features are essential to cut the communication time gaps for ensuring greater productivity. Features like click-to-call, chat, visual voicemail, etc. ensure seamless connectivity between employees, making their lives easier. 

  2. Auto-provisioning:

    When a business grows, the number of employees working may increase exponentially. It can be a time-consuming task for a business to configure every device manually. Therefore, auto-provisioning is an essential feature that saves time and effort in configuring new devices as and when required. Employees can configure their devices by clicking on the provisioning URL and inputting their individual credentials.

  3. Conferencing:

    When a team needs to collaborate for completing a task, conferencing features aid in smooth collaboration. Be it audio or video, conferencing is a must-have feature to support business communications, especially for hybrid and remote workforces.

  4. CRM integration:

    CRM serves as a valuable source of information, providing insights into customers’ behavior, trends, preferences, etc. Integrating CRM software into IP PBX software enables businesses to gain access and visibility of customer feedback, data, and predictive analysis for identifying areas of improvement.

  5. Analytics and Reporting:

    Data analytics can be leveraged to drive actionable insights on business operations, sales, marketing campaigns, and others. Today, most IP PBX software service providers in the UK offer built-in analytics and reporting features. Therefore, it’s essential to find and choose the software that provides you with access to real-time analytics and reports addressing your unique business needs. 

Top 5 IP PBX Software in the UK Market

Here is the list of top UK IP PBX Software Providers, have a look:

1. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is an all-in-one IP PBX software in the UK for messages, videos, and phones. It serves various industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction, education, high-tech, etc.  Some of the key features of this IP PBX software are:

  • HD audio and video conferencing
  • Call waiting alerts
  • Ring back
  • Voicemail transcription

This software can be upgraded to an omnichannel contact center as well. 

2. HoduPBX

HoduPBX is one of the top Multi-tenant IP PBX Software in the UK that caters to the communication and collaboration needs of different types of businesses. It can be installed on premises or over the cloud as per client’s requirements. Clients can further host the services from their end to their customers, empowering hybrid and remote work models. Key features of this software are:

  • Auto-provisioning
  • 3-way audio conferencing
  • Blacklist and whitelist
  • Advanced ACD with recording
  • Voicemail service

This software can be integrated with SIP trunking and other third-party businesses. 

3. Vonage Business tools

Vonage Business offers a wide range of communication APIs that facilitates business interactions through video, SMS, and voice. It has been a reliable new-age enterprise communication solution that offers several advanced features such as:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Caller ID blocking
  • Call recording
  • User status visibility (busy lamp field)
  • Call announce

This IP PBX software can be upgraded to a cloud-based unified communication solution.

4. Skype for Business

Skype for business is one of the most popular IP PBX software. It has a simple interface and can be availed by small businesses affordably. Key features include:

  • Voicemail alerts 
  • Whiteboard
  • Conferencing calling
  • Softphone app
  • Online broadcasting

5. 8×8 Express

8×8 Express is a reputed IP PX phone system for small businesses that helps businesses set up their virtual office communication and collaboration.  Key features are:

  • Video conferencing
  • 1:1 instant messaging
  • Personalized greetings
  • UK phone number
  • Presence awareness
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Checklist for Choosing the Best IP PBX provider in the UK

The number of service providers has grown in recent years, making it challenging to choose the right one. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you select the best IP PBX software provider in the UK.

Step 1: Draft business requirements

Chalk out the functionalities required to meet your present and future business needs. Analyze the purpose and roles of your phone system to gain clarity on capability requirements.

Step 2: Select features and compare software

A feature should be chosen based on its functional requirements. Reduce software complexity by eliminating features that aren’t needed. Also, check if the mandatory features are included in the package or enlisted as an add-on feature.

Step 3: Shortlist software as per budget

Shorten your list of service providers by eliminating the software that doesn’t fit well in your budget or exceeds it.

Step 4: Check the reputation of the service provider

Check online reviews and connect with existing clients to gain insights into customer support and service quality of the chosen IP PBX software provider.

Step 5: Conduct interviews and sign the contract

Conduct a personal interview with the service provider to evaluate if they’re flexible, support scalability, have transparent pricing, and abide by security compliances. Once confident about choosing a particular service provider, create or go through the contract and seal the deal by signing it.

Make your Business Profitable with the Best PBX provider in the UK 

Successful businesses rely on effective communication. Investing in the right IP PBX phone system will help you accelerate your business growth. Hopefully, this list of the top 5 IP PBX software can help you make an informed decision when choosing one.  A resilient IP PBX service provider like HoduSoft can streamline your business communication and enhance collaboration. HoduPBX is a powerful communication solution that works for businesses of all sizes. Check out all the features of HoduPBX on the website.

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