For call centers and for businesses it is important to satisfy calling customers and do so on the first call itself. A few factors come into play should you wish to achieve this goal all the time.

The finest omnichannel contact center software
Customers may choose any channel to communicate or to express their issue. Responding to customers on the channel of their choice is the first step and for this, you will want to use the omnichannel contact center software. It helps agents to keep track of all channels and switch from one to the other. It helps to have audio-video chat and conferencing facility as you will see later down in this post.

Train and empower agents
It happens all the time. Agents are good at interactions but they are stumped when it comes to answering knowledge-based queries. This is when these famous words come out ..” I am so sorry but…” One may argue that it may not humanly be possible for agents to be as knowledgeable as a sales manager or technical person in charge of the product or service. The short-cut is to let agents have access to an information window on the screen of their call center software that gives relevant details of the customer and the product in regard to which the call is being made.

It is worthwhile for training agents to develop a commitment to actually resolve calls on the first attempt. Motivating them will help them to take interest to address queries and try to resolve.

Decision making is another crucial point. An agent handling the call may not have the authority to make decisions that would lead to the issue being resolved. In this case, businesses can define a set of rules and situations that would let agents take immediate decisions. At the same time, a backchannel could be kept open so that in such instances where a senior-level executive must take a decision, they are available and ready to decide. The call center software is not a tool to insulate decision-makers from customers: it should be more empowering.

Escalation and conferencing
It happens often that what a customer asks is something the agent cannot resolve but a senior must intervene. The agent finds it tedious to put the caller on hold, consult a senior and then respond. The easy way out is call center solution with the audio-video conferencing feature. Escalation on the spot is necessary for first call resolution. One or more seniors or people from other departments may be roped into an audio or video conference with the customer. This is bound to lead to first call resolution in the majority of cases. The opportunity can be grabbed to ask customers about how it went.

Analytics in call center solutions
The call center solution is the platform of communication. It must have superior analytics to help call centers or businesses that use contact center software to analyze all past transactions to identify areas needing improvements in the move towards first call resolution.

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