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Video Conferencing Software for Enterprises Large and Small – Choose the Right Video Conferencing Software

Video conference used to be very expensive and limited to corporate enterprises willing to spend in the region of USD 300000 on a specialized set of equipments set up in a special room. Times have changed. Video chats are so common one does not give it a second thought on social channels but businesses need video conferencing with far more features and better security to address today’s usage scenario.

Video conferencing does have a host of advantages which is a reason why its use is growing so fast in enterprises of all sizes. It is the best way for mobile workforce and those working from home can stay in touch with the head office. Video conference facilitates interaction between sales people and customers and between purchase department and vendors who may be situated in different locations. Executives need not travel in order to hold meetings and thus the company saves money and the executives save time and energy. The question is as to which video conferencing software works best.

Modern conferencing software has rendered the teleconferencing room obsolete. The right video conferencing solution to look for should include these features at a bare minimum:

  • Choose one that includes codecs and APIs that will handle video as well as audio streams of any type in a seamless fashion.

  • Choose the video conferencing package that will work seamlessly on any device, whether it is a desktop, laptop or a computer and capable of managing video streams on the fly to align with the bandwidth available and thus prevent jittery video or dropped packets.

  • Choose a package for video conferencing that has WebRTC and browser based technologies. With underlying WebRTC one need not download or install special software, which is a boon when you need to initiate conversation with a new client or vendor or with someone who may choose to use a mobile or desktop for the conference.

  • The features should allow users to invite anyone anywhere to join in a conversation and hold group discussions as well as one to one private conversations as may be desired.

  • Share documents and show presentations while conversing.

  • Easy and simple to use, even for first time users.

  • It should not necessitate additional hardware and should work on desktops with a webcam and a microphone and on smartphones.

Lastly, look for a hosted solution which means you do not pay a high amount upfront for the solution and you get access to upgrades which are taken care of by the provider of video conferencing solutions.

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