Why You Should Regularly Upgrade Your PBX Software admin July 19, 2019
Why You Should Regularly Upgrade Your PBX Software

Why You Should Regularly Upgrade Your PBX Software

There is one school of thought that says that if a thing is not broken why fix it but when it comes to technology, this can leave you stuck with older, inefficient and expensive systems. This holds true for PBX software. Businesses are satisfied with their legacy in-premises IP PBX software, not knowing that technology has marched ahead and that an upgrade is in order.

Mobility and mobile technologies

Existing and legacy PBX software may have GSM/WCDMA trunk integration but today it is 4G and 5G is on the horizon. Upgrading older PBX software to modern IPPBX software with 4G inclusion enhances voice clarity while permitting more simultaneous calls. Whether one uses in-premises phones or mobiles there is a seamless connect. Importantly, you can take advantage of WebRTC and video chat/conference that newer technologies offer. There are speed and performance enhancements to upgrades.

Reduce costs

Older technology PBX software may lack refinements such as least cost routing and intelligent analysis of networks to direct your call through the lowest cost network. A simple upgrade to the latest PBX software will help you to save money on local and international calls.

Better connectivity, better voice clarity

Older IP PBX systems exhibited significant issues in connectivity, especially in the matter of concurrent calls. At the same time voice call quality and audio clarity suffers with a distinct lag that can be quite disconcerting. Modern IP PBX software includes the latest media protocols and codecs all seamlessly integrated for optimal performance regardless of devices connected and points of origin of calls.

Video and conferencing

Legacy IP PBX was not designed for or capable of handling video whereas today’s technologies, especially WebRTC, make it a trivial matter to chat and conference on video or audio. You are missing out by sticking to older PBX software. Transition to an upgraded IP PBX solution and you have the benefit of audio-video chat and conference using a web browser interface that works on desktops and mobiles without the need for dedicated hardware. This quantum step up alone is worth the expense.


Yes, IP PBX and SIP are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Older systems may not even be able to recognize or handle modern methods of attacks and such attacks could cause data breaches or cripple your network. Switch to modern IP PBX solution and you get improved security.

The platform improves

IPPBX software is usually built on open source platforms like Asterisk and Freeswitch. These platforms have evolved considerably with new features and modules being added all the time. Upgrade and you get the benefit of all these improvements.


Why bother with in-premises IP PBX solution when you have cloud based hosted IP PBX software that gives you the latest and the best features on a monthly subscription basis? Plus, you do not have to worry about upgrades. The provider keeps updating the software and you continue enjoying the latest tech.

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