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Why You Should Regularly Upgrade Your PBX Software


There is one school of thought that says that if a thing is not broken why fix it when it comes to technology, this can leave you stuck with older, inefficient, and expensive systems. This holds true for IP PBX Software. Businesses are satisfied with their legacy on-premises PBX system, not knowing that technology has marched ahead and that an upgrade is in order. In this blog, we will disclose some of the key reasons why you should regularly upgrade your PBX system. Before moving ahead, let’s learn a bit about modern PBX systems and how these systems are playing an important role in the growth of today’s businesses.


Modern PBX Systems: The future of today’s businesses

The features like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and many others make modern PBX systems the future of today’s businesses. A PBX or Private Branch exchange is simply a business phone system that defines the assorted enterprise-grade private telephone networks. Businesses use these networks to connect to the widespread network. With the upgrades in the PBX systems, businesses are no longer bound to long-wired landline phones. Moreover, today’s phone systems need no extra wiring and no hardware. Businesses even need not worry about hiring extra staff to manage the phone system. 

These business phone systems are precisely designed to meet the varied requirements of modern businesses. It helps them in connecting with the outside world seamlessly. Modern business PBX systems are completely different from traditional systems in terms of the features and functionalities they provide. Besides, with a PBX system, businesses only need a single phone number to connect with all departments within their organization. Ultimately, this helps them save huge money on the communication process. 


Features offered by Modern PBXs

Some of the key features and functionalities of PBX software that are essential for the better performance of today’s businesses include:

  • Smooth management of outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Switching calls to the appropriate internal line.
  • Improved internal phone communications.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling, provides numerous features and enrichments over traditional telephony.
  • Enhanced customer service via features like call recording, call forwarding, voicemail, and IVR (interactive voice response).
  • Automated responses. The features offer a self-service option to customers. Besides, it automatically directs the customers to the most suitable lines through voice menus.


Reasons to upgrade your PBX software 

Here are some of the key reasons why you must regularly upgrade your IP PBX System

#1. Mobility and mobile technologies

The traditional business phone systems may have GSM/WCDMA trunk integration but today 4G and 5G are on the horizon. Upgrading older PBX software to modern IP PBX software with 4G and 5G inclusion has many benefits such as:

  • It enhances voice clarity while permitting more simultaneous calls. 
  • Whether one uses in-premises phones or mobiles there is a seamless connection. 
  • One can also take advantage of WebRTC and video chat/conference that newer technologies offer. 
  • There are speed and performance enhancements to upgrades.

#2. Cost-effectiveness

Older technology PBX may lack various refinements. A simple upgrade to the latest PBX software will help you to save money on local and international calls. With modern VoIP PBX software, one can get benefits like:

  • Least cost routing
  • Intelligent analysis of networks

This way, the calls will be directed through the lowest-cost network 

#3. Better connectivity and superior voice clarity

Older IP PBX systems exhibited significant issues in connectivity, especially in the matter of concurrent calls. At the same time, voice call quality and audio clarity suffer with a distinct lag that can be quite disconcerting. Significantly, by upgrading the system, users can access:

  • The latest media protocols and codecs can be integrated seamlessly for optimal performance.
  • These integrations can be done regardless of devices connected and points of origin of calls.
  • They can enjoy improved connectivity and excellent voice clarity.

#4. Video and conferencing

Legacy IP PBX was not designed for or capable of handling video. By sticking to older PBX software, businesses are missing various advanced video and conferencing features. Eventually, transition to an upgraded IP PBX system can give access to modern technologies like:

  • WebRTC,  which makes it a trivial matter to chat and conference on video or audio.
  • Audio-video chat and conference using a web browser interface that works on desktops and mobiles without the need for dedicated hardware.

Undoubtedly, this quantum step alone is worth the expense.

#5. Security

Yes, IP PBX and SIP are vulnerable to hacker attacks. However, when installed properly, it becomes a highly reliable and secure system. Older systems may not even be able to recognize or handle modern methods of attack. And, such attacks could cause data breaches or cripple your network. Hence, by switching to a modern IP PBX system:

  • Improved security
  • More reliability
  • Reduced chances of hacking or breach attempts
  • No downtime

#6. Cloud

Many businesses these days are opting for cloud-based PBXs, especially those that don’t want or do not have the resources to manage an on-premises VoIP PBX Software. For such businesses, cloud-based hosted PBX systems can be the best choice. These systems give you the latest and the best features on a monthly subscription basis. Basically, by using these systems:

  • You do not have to worry about upgrades. 
  • The provider keeps updating the software and you continue enjoying the latest tech.

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When it’s the right time to upgrade your business phone system?

Well, you must look for the signs that are hampering your business growth. No matter, you are using a hosted phone system, a hybrid PBX system, or an on-premises system, if your system is showing the below signs, you must look for upgrades:

  • Your business growth has stuck due to the costly on-premises PBX system.
  • Your existing phone system is unsupported and unreliable.
  • You are planning to hire more and more remote employees. 
  • You need a system to manage phone numbers when logging into multiple interfaces.
  • Your current system does not have intelligent routing functionality.
  • Your phone system lacks call monitoring and other real-time visibility features. 
  • The capacity of your multi-line phone system is not enough to manage and handle calls smoothly. 
  • You are not able to provide satisfactory customer service. 

By and large, looking at all the above-mentioned points, it is now clear that upgradation is important for the better performance of a business phone system. A PBX phone system is certainly a critical business tool. Companies use this tool regularly to connect with their stakeholders like vendors and customers. Therefore, they must upgrade their PBX system phone system to enjoy its endless benefits. 



All in all, whether you need an on-premise PBX system or a cloud PBX phone system, you must choose your provider carefully. HoduSoft is one of the best companies that provide modern business PBX solutions to help businesses meet their specific requirements while staying ahead of their competitors. Get in touch with their team today to know more about HoduSoft IP PBX System and other offerings. Additionally, you can also get a free demo on request. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best PBX System and start seeing the difference in your business growth instantly.

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