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Call Center Software Integration

3 Reasons Call Center Software Integration Is a Must for All Industry Segments in 2019

Communications today is not plain voice-based outgoing or incoming calls. It covers the entire gamut ranging from voice calls to video calls, email, voicemail, fax, text and social media posts. If industry segments like travel, healthcare, financial sector, insurance, manufacturing, consumer goods, to name a few wish to be equipped to handle communications then the plain old PBX falls by the wayside. A call center solution is far better in almost all respects, even cost and ease of use.

Richest communication feature set

It pays to integrate call center software with the richest features set such as social media integration, IVR, voicemail, fax, email, text and video chat/conference. Typical contact center software also includes features such as automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, skill-based mapping and routing, and CRM integration.

Then you have call recording and analytics. This combination permits consistency in call quality, call-handling by qualified agents and campaign implementation in addition to better handling of inbound calls from customers. Social media and omnichannel functionality through a single dashboard allow executives to listen in on posts and jump into the conversation. You do not have to wait for leads to arrive you can create them.

Performance of executives improves as does customer experience

Typical contact center software incorporates features that permit putting a call on hold while executives talk with each other. Callers receive better service at one point instead of having to dial different numbers. Executives and callers can make use of video chat feature to have a virtual face to face conversation that is infinitely better for both. Further, with a little imagination, this feature can be used for team collaborations and virtual meetings within an organization. You have a video conference feature for no extra cost.

It can be used for interaction within teams in different departments in the organization, with vendors, with production people, and with customers. A prospective customer is just as likely to enjoy video chats as much as an existing customer with happy outcomes in both cases for the caller and for the organization. The IVR feature provides self-service for callers who may be happy with the resolution at that level or they may talk to a human representative if they like and the agent has access to data from the CRM to deliver a delightful experience.

You can assign someone to monitor social channels or set automatic flags in the software to alert you about anything relevant to your organization and then engage the individual who initiated a post about an inquiry or a complaint. There are lots of ways, such as for instance, initiating outbound campaigns from time to time, where the contact center software can be of great help.

Better intelligence

Call center software helps you gather information from social media channels and IVR. All these go into your CRM. Then you have call records that can be analyzed to know about inbound and outbound workloads. You can listen to recordings of conversations and fine-tune skills of employees. It is not a tough task to analyze all these and derives insights to improve efficiency and customer handling strategies.

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