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How Omnichannel Contact Center Software Helps to Grow Business on Monthly Subscription Basis

Contact centers find that callers may not necessarily stick to the old, tried and tested PSTN phone. Today, customers may use facebook or any other social platform, email, phone, web interface, chat or over the top (OTT) channel to initiate a process. This creates nightmare for call agents who have to constantly switch between channels and thereby lose time as well as irritate a caller.

The solution is omnichannel contact center software that presents a unified channel for all these diverse avenues of communication. Contact centers have been switching over to such omnichannel solutions because of inherent advantages that this type of contact center software presents. The omnichannel solution includes self service IVR for basic purposes and then transfer to a live agent who can handle that specific query if the IVR cannot fulfill it. Predictive dialer, intelligent routing, proactive outbound, WebRTC telephony and video chat, voice blast, automatic call distribution, chat and real-time analytics that are part of the standard features of the omnichannel call center software solution.

While it helps deliver a seamless experience for customers and give them satisfaction, it is of even greater benefit to contact centers in that it helps reduce stress and workloads on employees who can now view all channels through a common interface, connect and initiate calls and get more work done with no bottlenecks. Also, since calls are routed only to those agents who are equipped to handle the query, time is not wasted. Omnichannel solutions do contribute to the contact center’s performance but they can also add to the cost if it is a proprietary solution.

One pays more for the proprietary solution and then again for maintenance and upgrades. This can eat into profits of contact centers. The right solution is a monthly subscription pay as you go SaaS contact center omnichannel solution that can be ramped up or down according to fluctuating demands. Open source SaaS offerings mean you pay only a nominal amount each month for full featured software with no limitations that works right out of the box.

Upgrades and maintenance are not your headaches—they are handled by the solution provider and scaling is not a roadblock should operations increase as you grow. A startup or even an existing contact center can save money on software that forms backbone of his business and get a superior product in the bargain by opting for monthly subscriptions.

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