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IP PBX Software on Monthly Rental

IP PBX Software on Monthly Rental A Boon For Enterprises Worldwide

If a business continues with legacy PSTN lines it is losing money as well as competitive advantage. The world is going the VoIP way and  IP PBX software  is essential for business communication. It offers far more advantages than simple voice communication.

Hosted PBX software can be installed in a jiffy and the system can be up and running in less than an hour. There is no need for enterprises to invest in expensive software and hardware and then worry about upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting. The developer and service provider keeps on upgrading software and maintains it. Business users simply make use of the  PBX software and all its features to improve their communications and even extend it to mobile devices used by executives working on or off site. Startups find IP PBX software available on monthly rental a boon for their business because they can get started right away and access the finest unified communication channel without having to invest or wait. Even a small enterprise with just four to five people on its staff will find monthly rental IP PBX solutions that suit their business model. Scalability is built in to suit them as they grow.

At the other end of the scale there are ITSPs who can go in for monthly rental IP PBX and offer superior services to their customers without incurring any capital outlay. For such VoIP service providers an IP PBX that includes multi-tenancy features, multilingual capability and white labeling facility is just what they need to boost brand image and revenues. If the technical side matters to such VoIP service providers then the billing, reporting and analytics are of no less importance. ITSPs can offer postpaid and prepaid billing channels with automatic call tracking and invoicing and pay to the solution provider through a payment gateway integrated into the software itself. That the software includes auto-provisioning to support all brands and configure them is as much an advantage as is the reseller module for such ITSPs.

Not all IP PBX monthly rental plans are the same. Features matter. Besides the usually expected features such as 1000 concurrent calls, easy GUI for controls, secure communications, 10000 extensions, busy lamp field and least cost routing there are other modern features that should be available. One is WebRTC incorporation for end customers to carry out video and audio conference through the browser interface and the other is mobile integration. Hodusoft’s monthly rental PBX offers all these besides superior, customer-friendly support.

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